Does Ireila hard counter ryze?

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User Info: PielordX

3 years ago#21
happyscrub1 posted...

Derped so hard

Before I saw what happened, I kept telling myself that he was gonna succumb to greed.

10 points for me.
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User Info: Mullerd

3 years ago#22
thedarklordx3 posted...
happyscrub1 posted...

Derped so hard

that irelia is really good, I am impressed

Yeah, I thought it was a pretty good play, though the Ryze should have flashed early so that he could have actually won out that trade. If he had flashed away early he would have avoided a lot of minion damage an maybe an AA from Irelia which would have probably ended up giving him the kill. In the end, he's dies and still burns his flash.

User Info: deathisajerk

3 years ago#23
She punished Ryze for staying under tower range while the last of the creep wave died, took a tower shot and creep damage while stunned/fighting, underestimated the burst Irelia has, got ignited and all-in'd on then proceeded to get steamrolled throughout the game once she got a sheen > trin force I imagine.
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User Info: happyscrub1

3 years ago#24
ZhaRnotczar posted...
He didn't respect the level three while he was hangin out under tower trying to get one last minion and completely failed to use his flash well. Has nothing to do with the Ryze vs Irelia matchup.

All that over 1 minion that he could of last hit later. He had no threat of losing the CS over that 1 lil caster minion lol.
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User Info: ZhaRnotczar

3 years ago#25
Aside from the obvious greedy mistakes he made, he seems to have opted to put a second point in Q at level 3 instead of E. Not necessarily a bad decision, since he was likely planning to keep poking her under tower. But having E in that fight probably would've won it for him.

User Info: Spectral_Wrath

3 years ago#26
No one counters Ryze honestly. Ryze is broken.
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