Does anyone still enjoy playing League?

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User Info: KajeI

3 years ago#31
I like it still. The only reason i've slowed down recently is because i've finally got Dark Souls and I haven't played a game (other than Skyrim and MMO's, which don't count) that i haven't beaten within 4 days since i was about 10.
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User Info: Mistare

3 years ago#32
Love the game, hate 90% of the community. The other 10% are the absolute nicest people in the world, hands down.

My issue lies solely with the way the soloq ranking works (I.e . It doesn't.) ; any game that matches you with 4 random strangers, against 5 random strangers, and then makes it possible for just one of those people to potentially lose the match on their own and then go on to waste your time for an upwards of half an hour by refusing to surrender despite being 0/13 is inherently flawed by design IMO.
You should be at least semi rated on your own personal match performance in soloq, that'd be the simplest way to solve the issue: all of a sudden only utter douchebags are raging because the people that are playing properly have no demotion to worry about.

It's got to the point where I won 40 and lost 35 by changing my entire outlook on the game and deciding that I could only improve by blaming myself, then I lost like 12 matches in a row literally due to teammates going back to bronze iv skill level in silver v, and I just gave up on ranked, couldn't bring myself to play another match because I knew it didn't really matter how well I did.

Sure some people can do it, hats off to them, they're clearly better than me, but I'm not a bad player by any means, I simply require capable teammates to do well.

Put me with 4 guys that know at least the basics (for example, this is not actually a team deathmatch game), against 5 guys that are the same, and I believe I could certainly hold my own and be an assets to the team. I'm simply not good enough to win 2 lanes whilst calling the shots for people that do not listen, and so it seems I'm stuck at Silver V.

If LoL was a profession in WoW, with the best of the best being Zen Master level, I would say I'm Master, close to the skill requirement for Grand Master, but can't find a trainer to advance me, and missing mats for the items I would be crafting if I found him (trainer being promos, mats being competent teammates.)

I'm not delusional, I'm no challenger player with my current skills, but I'm better than silver. Just only in a " well I'm usually winning my lane, look bot (or wherever really) and think" well ****, tristana doesn't have a single clue in that brain, I can't carry that!" After Lucian wanders into my lane at the 8 minute mark with 9 kills and annihilated me" kinda way. Win lane, lose game, that's lil ol me in a nutshell!

Wow, that came from nowhere. I like that WoW analogy.
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User Info: Duelisti

3 years ago#33
I wouldn't play a game I don't enjoy. >_>

User Info: ShoeBoxPingPong

3 years ago#34
Mistare posted...
Love the game, hate 90% of the community. The other 10% are the absolute nicest people in the world, hands down.

This pretty much. If custom bot games gave IP (even if it was only a flat 10IP per game or something and no FWoTD), I'd probably just play them all the time. I play games to relax and sometimes people who play this make that impossible.
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User Info: Melvinrules

3 years ago#35
Love it.

User Info: Gainazzo

3 years ago#36
Custom games are best and have bester community.

User Info: darkjeremie

3 years ago#37
I wouldn't play the game if I didn't enjoy it. I'm usually strongly uninterested in optional content but it's one of the only games where I got stuff such as skins. The community is indeed awful but I've been avoiding it successfully for the most part but that's because I'm a casual who plays ARAM and Intermediate bots a lot while rarely going on Normal and Dominion so that means I'll meet way less toxic players (they still pop up once in a while).

I wouldn't call the game all THAT great though. I find it enough fun to keep on going but that's thanks to the high amount of champions including some that I enjoy in term of abilities (Cho'Gath, Fiora, Sona, Viktor, etc.) or a few which I like their personality/backstory (While I don't consider LoL's lore all that great, some stuff does stand out positively). My biggest annoyance with the game is the lack of more permanent modes. Stuff like URF, One for All along with others would be fun but I know some are kept away to prevent them from being boring but I think Riot could finally give us something more than Summoner's Rift, Crystal Scar, Howling Abyss and Twisted Treelines.
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User Info: Connuh

3 years ago#38
Gainazzo posted...
Custom games are best and have better community.


I got bored of "im adc or afk" and "lol only pick meta noob" and fourteen year olds quitting when they pick Garen and go 0-6 within ten minutes, so I just play custom games while I'm watching Netflix these days. I get no lip from Cassiopeia bot.
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User Info: Timeinpictures

3 years ago#39
even though it's worse now than ever, I have always hated the community. as for the game itself, I really hate what riot has done to it and I doubt things will ever get better.
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User Info: Popstar_Ahri

3 years ago#40
Love the game, I rarely ever have problems with the community. Perhaps once in 50 games?
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