Do you think people should try new champions in bot games or normals?

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  3. Do you think people should try new champions in bot games or normals?

User Info: Eclipse008

3 years ago#1

I'd prefer it if people would stick to playing bot games until they understand how to effectively press 4 buttons with a new champion. Sure, they're "normals", but honestly we can all agree that having at least a close game is much more enjoyable than getting stomped past the early game because a person is feeding with a new champion and they won't surrender in order to "practice".

User Info: Gladiator28

3 years ago#2
custom or bots to just understand the core abilities, but then hop right into a normals.
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User Info: lightdragoon88

3 years ago#3
1-3 bot games before doing normals with a new champ. IMO.
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User Info: borg_assassin

3 years ago#4
bot games. if you can't beat bots or do well vs them, what the hell makes you think you can do well vs humans?

User Info: Connuh

3 years ago#5
Bot games first. You need to test the skills out first before facing real people, at least.

That and the fact that complete bot games (four on your team, five on theirs) will actually give you a tiny insight into how to carry a game as said champion since your team is as dumb as theirs and this tends to be the case in a lot of ranked matches, anyway.

User Info: slacker03150

3 years ago#6
bot game or aram to get a feel for the skills then jumping into normals is fine. You don't have to have your champion mastered to know basic game play and how to play it safe if you fall behind.
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User Info: Crystal_Dream

3 years ago#7
I always do trial by fire.

Plus, being in a situation where my failure means defeat for everyone, it makes me play much more safer (so, chances are, if I die, I was probably gonna die with a champion I do know). And I like playing against humans because there's a chance that they'll make a mistake (ain't like I'm hopping into ranked matches where everyone's presumably godlike).
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User Info: Dashfrthefinish

3 years ago#8
I would say that if you are still learning the flow of the game, start with bots. If you are a pretty experienced player, starting straight off in normals isn't a big deal.

User Info: Plily

3 years ago#9
100% bot game. Worst feeling to me is to go into a normal game without knowing how a champion works and do badly. It hurts the team that way and you don't learn squat from it.
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User Info: channtheman

3 years ago#10
1v5 bot games
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  3. Do you think people should try new champions in bot games or normals?

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