The last champion you played is now

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User Info: Mario_VS_DK

3 years ago#1
a playable character in the last game that isn't LoL that you played.
Couldn't fit the entire thing in the title...

Tristana in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I don't see any reason why that wouldn't work. Though she might be a little OP...
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User Info: TerminusEdge

3 years ago#2
Skarner in Super Monkey Ball 2, huh?

Something tells me this wouldn't work out so well.
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User Info: Neo-Violen

3 years ago#3
Fizz in Samurai Warriors.

That's pretty awesome.
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User Info: Nemyar

3 years ago#4
Caitlyn in Borderland 2, kinda fit.

User Info: IndianaJones65

3 years ago#5
lulu in touhou

wouldn't be too out of place
she already has a cool hat
Never 4get ;~;7

User Info: Dragondude717

3 years ago#6
Renekton in Skyrim. Dice all the things.
Life is a RPG.

User Info: homiesunite

3 years ago#7
Sona Kart.

Rito pls
Not changing until I see Ziggler vs Kofi for a world title or one of them is released/retires. Started 4/30/13

User Info: samuricex

3 years ago#8
Lucian in Cory In The House?
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User Info: TheSlinja

3 years ago#9
already in it
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User Info: dennis941012

3 years ago#10
CSGO with blitz rofl
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