how does one beat an Akali?

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User Info: Drowning__Fish_

3 years ago#1
unless i'm playing Singed up top, I can never win against one. Early game I can maybe get a kill in against an Akali, but even then she goes back to lane and tower dives me almost ever time. I don't really know who counters her either. What weapons would one pick? Is it better to poke her over time or just go in and burst? How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

Up top, I get wrecked by her as:

Darius (very close match, but her harass is greater than mine)
Garen, because no amount of mr and tankiness can protect me
Funnily enough, Swain

Mid lane, I get wrecked by her as:

Again, Swain

I'm a decent player and by no means great, but only a select few champs (along with Morde and Vi) just wreck me almost every time.
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User Info: StrategyWikiped

3 years ago#2
Whats your lolking?

User Info: Stephen-A-Smith

3 years ago#3
Pink ward.
That's so....disrespectful!

User Info: RHCP777

3 years ago#4
Play Diana and crush her with your tankiness.

User Info: Nonalyth

3 years ago#5
Morgana all day erry day.

User Info: Xelltrix

3 years ago#6
For mid lane, Katarina, Diana and Kassadin work fairly well, I would say.

Top lane, a good amount of bruisers can go toe to toe with her, mainly Garen, Lee, Renekton.

Outside of that, I don't usually have much trouble against anyone else on Akali, even pre-6 as long as you don't get greedy for CS that will cost you a lot of health.
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User Info: IndianaJones65

3 years ago#7
people who can stomp early game
Never 4get ;~;7

User Info: HagenEx

3 years ago#8
Morgana and Galio laugh at Akali. She can't dive you because of ult, both of them have strong shields, Morg has a snare, Galio has a slow.

User Info: Walker_Real

3 years ago#9
Again, 7 posts no mention of lee what a joke hes akalis greatest counter by far

Ree Sin ultimate akali counterino 100%

Shield her poke, E her out of her cloud and ping her with Q, kick her up the ninja skirt

Your shield does more spell and life vamp than her after hex, she won't outsustain you. Kick her and ward hop if she actually does get the damage to kill you, but she really shouldnt since you should be able to win every exchange pre 6.
signed your enemy,

User Info: solidoutlaw

3 years ago#10
Shut her down pre 6.
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