Top Lane CDR Lucian?

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User Info: qwertyasdf0123

3 years ago#1
Is this good now? Seems like in theory it would be really good...

User Info: SorrySleeping

3 years ago#2
If you want to go Jayce-esk bruiser, it could work.

IBG, SV, Cleaver, random 10% from another item, boots, random tank item.
~{Always Sleeping}~
GameFAQ's Official Supporter of Boris (Angus)

User Info: SmurfyZ

3 years ago#3
Worked well for me but I was against a Kayle. Did get ganked 5 times almost back to back though so gave up a death but anytime the jungle was gone I was able to bully her around everytime I knew her e was about to go on cd and ended up with a 50cs lead on her.
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