Best champs vs. Doombots?

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User Info: luigi33

3 years ago#1
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User Info: DarkerGrey

3 years ago#2
Talon is good if you can survive lane phase.

Instant wave clear, high DPS with ghostblade, good escape.
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User Info: YoukaiSlayer

3 years ago#3
Lux is really good. They never dodge the E ever and its so long range you can just throw it from out of range. Just max E ASAP. Laser gets kills too and they group so close you can get 3-4 with each ult or E.
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User Info: BoydZilla

3 years ago#4
People like Ez who can kite and poke work well.
Yasuo can windwall, so it doesn't matter how many projectiles there are. And he can splitpush well.
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User Info: YeOldeOwlRammer

3 years ago#5
vel kroz

they come up to smack you in the face? NOPE U DIE LMAO OWNED

User Info: fallen_acolyte

3 years ago#6
anyone with range poke and esscape. Dont be like some idiots who go daruis or shyvana... you will just lose and get destoryed
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User Info: borg_assassin

3 years ago#7
Split pushers

User Info: borg_assassin

3 years ago#8
And champs you can easily turret farm with

User Info: RafNasty

3 years ago#9
I win the most with Ziggs atm.
GamerTag: RazorRaf
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User Info: GameEnforcer

3 years ago#10
Xin is very good as well.
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