Would you buy a skin, just for the splash?

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  3. Would you buy a skin, just for the splash?

User Info: steamwr4p

3 years ago#1
Some skins' splashes are just amazing.
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User Info: lightdragoon88

3 years ago#2
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User Info: drlolimaster

3 years ago#3
i do that. i wouldnt buy one just for in game but i do appreciate when the in game aspect adds soemthign nice. otherwise its entirely based on the nice splashes
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User Info: xVSaNx

3 years ago#4
No that'd be stupid, you see the splash for 2 out of 45 minutes you use them each time, and then I usually afk or tab while loading so even less time seen

User Info: Pale_Heart

3 years ago#5
No but there are times I wouldn't want to use a skin I own because the splash art is UGLY. Like the Sorceress Lux, I had it for a long time and the current splash art is UGLY (I tend to use Spellthief the most, as I find it her best skin by comparison) but I am sooooo glad they are finally replacing the grandma cosplayer art with the gorgeous Chinese art.

Now, if only they replace the current Spectacular Sivir with the Chinese art. Then I'll be extra happy.

User Info: QuantumMechonis

3 years ago#6
No, but if a skin has a terrible splash art then I likely won't buy it *coughcurrentSorceressLuxcough*. I won't buy a skin strictly for the splash art.
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User Info: dib153

3 years ago#7
the splash is definately an influential factor if i've never seen the skin before, but it's never the sole reason i buy a skin. sometimes i know what the skin looks like ahead of time, sometimes i simply need to complete my collection, , there is a plethora of reasons why i buy skins, and yes, good Splash does play a factor
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User Info: negative4

3 years ago#8
Snowstorm Sivir.
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User Info: LordNobunaga

3 years ago#9
Frostblade Irelia popularity is enough proof of that for many people.
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User Info: C104K3D

3 years ago#10
Nope. I think my Pharoah Nidalee states the opposite.

Splash looks like trash, model looks good.

Chinese splash art on the other hand, looks epic.
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