Jungle Tree is pretty fun.

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User Info: TheEvilOmega

3 years ago#1
Nothing quite as amusing as following a Tristana as she jumps away as a big ball of leaves and crap, tanking the entire enemy team, solo murdering people with just an IBG and Sunfire cape + abilities for damage, and an ult that pops and hurts a bit.

He's pretty damn tanky. Literally W'd into the middle of Tristana, Lee, TF, Thresh, and Tryndamere and survived as my team took two seconds to catch up and join in. Finished that game 10-5-24.
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User Info: JackDaniels1964

3 years ago#2
Wait until you get one of those games where
1. team doesn't follow up
2. team doesn't respond when you get invaded
3. team deals no damage and your helpless with 5000 hp

Then you'll go back to your regular carry junglers
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  3. Jungle Tree is pretty fun.

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