I feel like I'm gonna be bronze forever.

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User Info: Brykeign

3 years ago#1
I stunk it up and got demoted to Bronze III. So I decided to stop dicking around, put on my go-hard shorts and do my best.

And if it's not a teammate feeding for whatever reason, it's a d/c, connection problem, literally had a jungler refuse to gank because he was scared of my laner, etc.

How did you guys get over this funk?
"It always starts with one. That's how justification works."
- Batman

User Info: HeartlessCharms

3 years ago#2

User Info: Dartkun

3 years ago#3
I got gud

User Info: PrizmSlash

3 years ago#4
Dartkun posted...
I got gud

You were in bronze III?

User Info: KajeI

3 years ago#5
Having never personally been bronze, i'm going to assume that the same thing that allowed me to stomp my way through silver will apply to bronze.

1: Play Darius. Doesn't matter where.
2: Build damage.
4: After you've died taking 3 people with you, hope that your teammates will listen to you pinging them to the nearest objective they can safely take.

Congrats, you're now higher than you were before.
I laugh as I watch people ignore the past, lie about the present, and misrepresent the future.

User Info: Nykza

3 years ago#6
Honestly, this video says a lot

User Info: BoydZilla

3 years ago#7
If those 2 videos don't do it for you, here's the one I use.

Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

User Info: Voidgolem

3 years ago#8
pick the right combination of hyped and chill music to listen to. For example:


Given that I haven't been bronze since S1 I can only assume that this works.
"I pursued Lu Bu and died. 10/10 would pursue again"

User Info: niio

3 years ago#9
My biggest jumping point was always filling in every match. Most people have a mentality, like I cant trust anyone with this position but I'm usually like I'll carry from where ever so I prefer everyone to be comfortable with role and champ.

Secondly, Staying Alive >= Objectives > Warding > CS > Kills. Staying alive is probably the biggest contribution you can make to winning games. The less gold the enemy team can get the better off you are.

Objectives are next in importance because they give global gold, map control, reduces safety net of enemy team. Or experience/buffs.

Warding provides you with information. Information is much better than gold. Information can allow you to make plays/ prevent enemy plays. See the enemy team going for a gank top? Push the hell out of bot/take dragon and make them pay for the small income they got from ganging up on your teammate. A well warded map is better than a fed teammate.

CS is also very very important as well. It provides consistent income/experience and pushing lanes is key to winning games. Usually I ADC and CSing gives me the power spike to win lane 90% of the time.

Kills should never put any of the above priorities in jeopardy. Never chase for kills, if theyre running youve already won the fight and you have free reign on roaming/objectives/CSing. I have a personal 3 second rule (If an enemy is running I have 3 seconds to kill them or back off and let them B).

Follow the above and youre already playing better than Silver players.
Real Life has bad lag. It took Jesus 3 whole days to respawn. If that's not terrible lag I don't know what is.

User Info: lalelulelosop

3 years ago#10
i started silver V then went all the way to bronze V 0 lp, now im back at bII , just get good win games and you will get out basically you gotta get good and carry games to increase win rates
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  3. I feel like I'm gonna be bronze forever.

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