The main character of the last non-League game you played is now a champion...

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User Info: ThunderCavalier

3 years ago#1
Feel free to post abilities and passive of said new champions or not, but who is this new champion that joins the League, and will he challenge Lee Sin for jungle dominance? Spoiler alert: Lee Sin will probably still win.

Too lazy to post actual numbers, sooo....

Chrom - From Fire Emblem: Awakening

Passive - Rightful King - Cooldown passively increases per level.

Q - Exploit Weakness - Enemy champion is tagged. The next autoattack dealt by Chrom or his allies deals 25% extra damage - can critical.
W - Dual Guard - Chrom dashes to allied champion or minion, knocking back enemy units around them. Allied unit takes no damage from first champion auto attack for the next 1 second. Cannot be self-cast.
E - Divine Dragon Blessing - Chrom heals himself, modified by 10% of his AD. 10% of his AD is removed for the next 5 seconds.
R - Aether - Chrom dashes to target champion, striking twice. 25% of the damage dealt by the attack is returned as health, while 30% of the target's armor is shredded for five seconds.

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User Info: lDPl

3 years ago#2

Passive: When Triforce is completed you win automatically.
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User Info: MrMoustache

3 years ago#3
My Sim is now a champion

Passive - Etne Condoroy
Q - Hubble Herbi
W - Ibzy Biz Ochoy
E - Shabow
R - Shamble Natzo Thorg

User Info: Izyxa

3 years ago#4
Nilin from Remember Me.

I don't even know.
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User Info: GujinKami

3 years ago#5
Yu Narukami

Q: Throws Chie to stun targets
W: Throws Yukiko to engulf targets in flames
E: Throws Teddie to lower opponents stats momentarily
R: Summons Mara

User Info: typhone004

3 years ago#6
Awakening was so good. Last game I played was Super smash bros melee, which doesn't really have a main character, but I was playing as marth so I'll choose him.

Marth- Fire Emblem

Passive: Marth deals 3x damage from crits instead of 2x, but cannot exceed 50% crit unless using ult.
Q: Marth swings his sword in a straight like (like yasuo's q). Enemies hit with the tip of this attack take extra damage.
W: Marth counters the next basic attack in a short time after activating, dealing the damage of the attack back if the attacker is melee.
E: Marth stabs a targetted enemy, dealing damage equal to his ad. This attack penetrates 50% of the targets armor.
R: Marth has 100% crit chance for a short period of time.
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User Info: HMandACFan

3 years ago#7
My character on Elder Scrolls Online....hmm.... His Q is a target-seeking 1-second channel knockdown for 1.8 seconds that deals lots of magic damage and half as much splash damage to nearby targets. His W is a pet he sends out that stays out indefinitely and taunts anything it attacks and gives nearby allies 13% increased mana regen. His E is ground-targetted AOE heal. that increases allies' armor and resist by 50 each for 8 seconds after cast. His Ultimate is a pet that stays out for 35 seconds BUT cannot move. It stuns targets when sent out, and does AOE damage or single-target damage with large range. Similar to your team gets free Xerath. And his passive....hmmm....."Gain stacks over time (maybe 1 per 45 seconds?).Max stacks held: 5. When health or mana gets below 33%, drain stacks to replenish BOTH health AND mana by 15%/second for 4 seconds." No CD on passive, but it can only trigger if you have at least 1 stack remaining. Sound good? Could be fun as tanky support.
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User Info: darkjeremie

3 years ago#8
The Gazer from Demon Gaze. I'm not too far in the game so I'll probably make something inaccurate.

Passive: Stat gain for each female champions around him

Q: Heals target
W: Ranged spell based on atk dmg
E: Stuns and deals damage. If used to finish off a monster, it registers it.
R: Summons a buffed (or balanced) version of the registered monster. At 11 it's possible to summon the dragon and at 16 it's possible to summon Baron Nashor. No monsters defeated this way grants buffs.
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User Info: irishman5705

3 years ago#9
Leon S. Kennedy from Resident Evil 4.

Not even going to try to come up with numbers.

550 range AA, uses Blacktail for swag points.
Passive: Tactical Vest: Maybe a % Armor increase or a HP regen thing.
Q: Striker Shot: pretty much a Graves Q ripoff.
W: Frag Grenade: Pretty much a graves W. Maybe a little larger radius/slightly more magic damage.
E: Flash Grenade: Aoe slow + dash?
R: Rocket Launcher: Jinx pls.

Damn, you really can't do much with a mainly gun based character. I don't even know.
GT: Irish H2
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User Info: IndianaJones65

3 years ago#10
reimu i guess

ranged, throws cards
passive: hitbox is smaller than model

q: summon a yin-yang ball that bounces off of units and walls
w: empowered auto attack that can reflect yin-yang ball
e: piercing skillshot
r: fantasy seal: aoe cone that ensnares
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