What champion that is supposedly a "counter" to your champion do you welcome?

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User Info: audriuska12

3 years ago#21
FishyGoodness12 posted...
audriuska12 posted...
Talon versus Morgana. 45 Talon games, 1 Ryze game, gold 4 while I'm stuck in Silver... he died at level 3, ended laning 0-3 or so. The other Talons didn't have it much better. Hell, all of the "official" Morgana counters are grade A bulls***. Wanna beat her, pick Veigar and one-shot her after stunning her with the rage cage that outranges all her real damage. Ahri can beat her by matching her sustain, bypassing shield by true damage and outroaming. Twisted Fate gets wrecked in lane, but if he's willing to sacrifice a tower to get other lanes snowballing, it might be worth. Mordekaiser is hit or miss... very literally. One that's good at dodging bindings and has good wards can give her hell, but one jungle gank or a couple bindings caught early and the feeding will begin. Actually carried a 4v5 by snowballing off one. Kayle was difficult, but that was before her nerfs. Swain suffers pre6 and will die if she hits 6 first, but after he gets ult and Catalyst he just ain't dying to her. That means Morgana has... 4 hard but winnable lanes, one counter who no one will pick into her since it's believed that the lane goes in the opposite direction, and goes even or wins with everyone else. And the way the whining goes, seems like there is a very real risk of losing her...

lol this guy

Say EXACTLY what the problem is. I'm listening.
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User Info: HMandACFan

3 years ago#22
Veigar, when I'm Karthus. I don't build much AP early anyway, so he's not going to burst me down like he thinks he can.

Then late game, I have Zhonya's.
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User Info: darkestmerc

3 years ago#23
DamorahTalset posted...
Yorick as I'm playing Darius. I always stomp him as long as I just go ham, I'm not sure if it's luck or not.

Also, any of Mundo or Nautilus' supposed counters. When a Lee tries to gank me at red as Naut it often ends up in a kill for me somehow.

As a huge Yorick player, I will admit something I have been considering telling Gamefaqs for a long time.

Darius counters Yorick. Simply because if he tries throwing his ghoul on you, you can pull him in and he lacks any real escape (so you can get 5 blood stacks easily and he will probably die).

He is quite literally the ONLY champion that just absolutely dumpsters a good Yorick in lane if he knows what hes doing (and if im first picking into Yorick, ill ban Darius just to avoid it).

This isn't really common knowledge though, as the matchup doesn't happen often.
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  3. What champion that is supposedly a "counter" to your champion do you welcome?

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