What 100-0 champs are there?

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User Info: Darkemaste

3 years ago#21
Most assassins before early S3, before Riot caved in to nerfing literally every assassin except Poppy (possibly due to future rework) because GD would complain about 2 more champions with significant burst whenever 1 got nerfed.
Since then the "assassins" that are now somewhat forced to build defensively to even function are automatically excluded, unless when blatantly fed, at which point it wouldn't really matter if there an assassin anyway.

Ofc then theres Veigar, whose burst actually rivaled most assassin's back then anyway.
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User Info: slaighMaccooper

3 years ago#22
Veigar especially if the opponent is building ap

User Info: ZeroVolume

3 years ago#23
Bhellium posted...
all of them when they do well in lane

This is the real answer. You need to get ahead before you start blowing people up. Even with Zed, during laning phase once you get 6, you can't just use your ult and all your cooldowns and expect someone to die if you're even with your opponent. You have to poke them down with your harass to a point you know you can kill, then kill them.

Once you get a lead, it's easy to 100-0 people. This is true of pretty much all assassins. My personal favorites right now are Talon and Fizz.
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User Info: Bradvh97

3 years ago#24
Annie, Veigar, Syndra and Fizz are the most entertaining to 100-0 people with

User Info: ThunderCavalier

3 years ago#25
sonofkorol posted...
Annie needs some tank, ahri needs to poke first usually, and akali is only good at finishing people off, not melting.

You are playing all of these champions wrong.

Annie with an early Deathcap or DFG can easily 100-0 with a Tibbers STUN.

Ahri with an early DFG just 100-0's any mid laner, period.

If you're not 100-0ing a squishy with Akali, you're playing her wrong. She has one of the most stupidly high power spikes at lv 6. Proc two Q's in a row and then tell me that she can't 100-0.
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User Info: MizunoRyuu

3 years ago#26
Erm, try Fizz? He's pretty bursty.
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User Info: luigi33

3 years ago#27
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User Info: Metal Gear Raxis

Metal Gear Raxis
3 years ago#28
sonofkorol posted...
og_megaman posted...

Annie needs some tank, ahri needs to poke first usually, and akali is only good at finishing people off, not melting.

Only early on. Once she has her dfg if she lands charm and that she can melt enemies down pretty damn quick.
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User Info: Old_Solidus

3 years ago#29
Zed is easy to kill with, now with the change to Death Mark. I main Zed, I hardly lose a lane except to Kayle (full counter, if one knows how to Kayl,e Zed becomes irrelevant) and maybe Akali or Talon. Bad thing about Zed, teamfights are hard for him. It takes a different mindset, a unique among assassins. Same with Talon.

BTW, if Talon is nerfed, Riot is really really messed up as a company with a straight head regarding balance. Talon is THE assassin, he can kill a singe champ, but in teamfights becomes very hard to use. Therefore, he is a distinct champ with clear powers and weaknesses (chances for counterplay)
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User Info: BrickTamIand

3 years ago#30
iiTryhard posted...
sonofkorol posted...
audriuska12 posted...
sonofkorol posted...
and akali is only good at finishing people off, not melting.

In lane, maybe. Finish off a few and people start dying 100-0. More on the list: Syndra, Zed, Fizz, Talon, AP Tristana, Vel'Koz (not in the early game, but late game...), Veigar, Viktor.

I really want to learn how to wreck with Zed. But I just always get melted when I jump on someone. And I can never figure out how to utilize his ult. >.<

zed is a champion you pretty much can't play vs. a team with lots of CC.

He also gets hard countered by items and certain champion mechanics, like zhonyas, QSS, spellshield, lissandra ult, zilean ult, kayle ult

so pretty much first picking zed is bad news, since split pushing is nerfed and you will most likely have to teamfight.

Picking zed vs. leona is bad news, since you will have a hard time assassinating the adc if leona is confident.

Also tristana is one of the hardest adc's to assassinate, and she is a popular pick.

With zed, you kind of HAVE to win lane and roam, or you will fall off and lose.

Half the things you said apply to every assassin
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