How can you even deal with heimerdinger?

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  3. How can you even deal with heimerdinger?

User Info: Ogremoch

3 years ago#21
Play Zilean.

He can't do anything to you.

User Info: SeizureGoat

3 years ago#22
Can Syndra W an ulted turret?
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User Info: angermngment101

3 years ago#23
Ogremoch posted...
He can't do anything to you.

But thats the thing.

He cant do anything to you, regardless of what champion you use.

He can roflstomp your turrets though.
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User Info: LoneWolf4545

3 years ago#24
Velkoz. He destroys heimer.

User Info: audriuska12

3 years ago#25
In addition to the ones mentioned, Viktor can easily kill his turrets with rank 2 E, and Morgana turns it into the greatest farm lane in the game (if he's good at dodging bindings. If he's bad, kills all day.) Feel free to add me.
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User Info: toozolt

3 years ago#26
I guess anyone with with good poke/clear like Xerath, Ziggs, Vel'Koz.

Or any assassin with a bunch of mobility. Zed?
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User Info: MajinUltima

3 years ago#27
He's still relevant with CDR though, he can get new turret kits very quickly and his stun grenade is a pretty short cooldown.
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  3. How can you even deal with heimerdinger?

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