how do I save? If I can

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User Info: chrisharper23

8 years ago#1
So I decided the demo was way to short to get a grasp on this game and I feel 5$ was well worth it since Im loving it. I got to stage 3 last night but Is there even a save feature? Im playing on maindish and there doesn't seem to be a way. I have to keep playing from level one. And the tvs to the left are still grayed out.

Am I just missing it or is there just no save feature?

Thanks. Also some one should write a guide. I think it would totally help people with this game.

When I play this game it reminds me of the Sand game for the iphone. Things totally work with other items, but not with others.

thanks everyone for any help! Lovin the game though
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User Info: rodk79

8 years ago#2
You can't save midway through a main dish run (or sweets or hell for that matter).

When you complete a stage in main dish, it will unlock for free play on the TV's on the left hand side. So when you finish Stage 2, you can play it whenever you want - but you'll only play that one stage.

To complete the game, you need to play through all six stages in one sitting. What you find is that the more you play the early stages, the better you get and the quicker you can plough through them.

As for a guide, the best way is to search on youtube. I thought about writing a guide but the game is a little too abstract for this to work. Using the youtube videos, you can get general strategies (i.e. start of stage 3, make sure you burn everything before the first checkpoint etc) and then put them into practice. While the order of the items is slightly random, you will always get the same items at about the same time.
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