Possible hidden easter egg in slots

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User Info: tobolarg

7 years ago#1
After an online match the slots came up and right after or as the slots were finishing (cant be positive) a little space shuttle of sorts appeared and flew from left to right, completing a brief loop in the center the screen, complete with sound effect.

Didn't know if anyone else has seen this yet or if there is something regarding this in the strategy guide but I wanted to put this out there and see if anyone had more info. Could have been a little plane as well but looked more like a space shuttle and it wasn't very large. I get the feeling if I knew what buttons to press something may have unlocked. For the record, I did mash on a few but saw nothing special happen.

User Info: Soljah

7 years ago#2
weird, i havent seen that.. then again i havent seent he roulette wheel too often, i dont even know the circumstances it takes to get it... ive lost before and had it, ive won before and had it... had a perfect adn didnt get it.... is it totally random?
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User Info: tobolarg

7 years ago#3
Not really sure if its totally random, though I do know I have only gotten the lucky at the end only twice in around 200 matches total (Maybe it was my 200th one that the possible easter egg appeared come to think of it. Can someone verify?). First time I didn't win anything extra, but the second time two of the rows, one horizontal and one diagonal, had matching symbols. Not the super prize whateveritwas, but the more common symbol. That made the slots appear after every match for a while, though I'm not sure exactly how many I got out of it..... maybe 6 in a row?

Please keep this topic alive just in case someone else has seen the little ship. Im not sure what it means, but Namco usually hides a few things at least, and with all the characters already unlocked I'd like to thing that there is more than just a couple of extra stages semi hidden.

User Info: Dewberry23

7 years ago#4
does thing that fly by when you are having a roulette are just indicators on how many roulette you have left.

stars should be around 20
spaceship should be around 10
Plane should be around 5
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User Info: tobolarg

7 years ago#5
That would make no sense, considering a finite amount of total roullettes per character would suck. Is there any back up to what you are saying or are you just guessing? Because I only saw a space shuttle of sorts an no stars.

User Info: Dog_Reservoir

7 years ago#6
i had it happen too
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User Info: hitokage7777777

7 years ago#7
I saw a flying saucer go across the screen and do a loop.

User Info: Dewberry23

7 years ago#8
no it only happens if you are on a roulette rush. btw this was old arcade speculation so the numbers are off
Life is like AIDS, its sexually transmitted, hereditary, has no cure and it is ultimately fatal ^_^
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User Info: sonofm8

7 years ago#9
ok here is an explaination on the roulette system there is 3 types
one is a random roulette,confirmed roulette and another is rush roulette i will touch
on all in a while and there is 3 bars 1st showing the vaue of fight money you get
2nd columm showing the amount that the money you got from the 1st columm
will be mutiplied by and the 3rd columm shows if you get lucky or not for a super

random roulette:this well is as the name suggest a random
roulette appears all based on luck

confirmed roulette:ok this is a roulette that can be predicted on when
you get it this is how you count,the first confirm roulette is the 50th match
play to count the number of match you play is by adding the total loss
you have with the win or if you win all your matches the number of matches
you won and subsequently every 40 matches eg.90,130,170,210

rush roulette:this is the roulettes you get out of a roulette rush i will touch on that

super roulette:ok you can enter this mode by getting the lucky on the 3rd columm
ok so now you are confirmed either to get roulette rush or the special prize which is
a rage colour so instead of red you can have black,white etc it ends at fire rage if i
am not wrong and every subsequent time after getting the fire rage you get 1 mil
fight money and another thing you can get is roulette rush which give you roulette
for the x number of matches where x if i am not wrong the the amount of lines you
get times itself or something like that

ouch hand hurts from typing hope this help

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User Info: tobolarg

7 years ago#10
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
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