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User Info: ahh_boi

7 years ago#1
Orphea Castle Gates

Middle right, in a chest after defeating the enemy ambushers

Received after killing the golden knight that comes after you during the kill the cavalry mission.

Verdei Keep

Eagle Slash
yellow infantry soldier gives it to you, in the place where you have to climb on blocks against the wall, turn back, you can see a whole bunch of crates covering an entrance, destroy them, go in, you'll get trapped and have to kill him

Endure Impact
on a ledge you had to jump to from a wall

for beating verdei keep or at least the boss

Bull Rush
After the 2nd alter, when you jump off, open the gates by hiting the switch. It is in a chest.

u find it at the forth alter.. when there u know the red diamond thing u where u have to climb the steps to get to. instead walk along the edge to the right to find a secret area containing the skill


Burst Chant
behind breakable wall in the upper left corner of the map

Endure Cold
on the way to the 4th area you will reach a very open area that has a lot of towers and the stairs leading to the clock tower door with the 4 locks. In the northeast of the area you will see a block you can jump on. Jump on that then to the wall and you will see the treasure chest its in.

Wave Slash From the archer to the east of the clock tower.

Not far from the beginning, there is a small alcove on the left of the map. There will be a lot of centaurs there as well

Fort Seratem

Fire Ball
From the Golden Wyvren (ability)

Endure Curse
From a box somewhere

Fire Chant
middle lower left area after getting the bonus task of defeating the ambush its in a box near the orange sac.


Crystal Cave

Spinning Blade
Lower far right (ability) at the far right of the map at the first intersection where you leave the big guy.

Dancing Fire
In a chest at the top left corner of the map in the corridors with the skull columns shooting at you. On the first platform you jump up to, there is a small alcove with the chest.

Endure Fire
In a chest in the falling rock zone after defending the device that opens the gates.

Colunei Canyon

Max Blaze
In the castle, on the bottom floor, break the rocks on the west side

Radiant Sphere
Golden flying eyeball monster while in the area with all the tornados

Costume Color
In the castle area on the ground floor and on the right side, cross the bridge

Vampiric Life
Found right when he gets teleported and the timed portion starts, turn around and there is a chest right there with it, so sneaky.

Blade of torment (weapon)

Every Man gets 3 rings in his entire life. 1st being the engagement ring, 2nd is the wedding ring. And finally..... he gets the
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User Info: ahh_boi

7 years ago#2

Flaming Burst, Enchanted Fire
Beat the Behemoth

Twilight Wastelands

Blade Rush
Middle right of map, defeat golden monster

Quick Melee
Middle path at the very top, need to do Sephias twilight mission first.

Top left, in little alcove in the middle of the giant bonus task mission.

Everlasting Flames (Weapon)
Found at the very first path available to you, must have done Twilight Wastelands as Sephia to reach it.

Completed level

Costume Color
While chasing after the little girl, go down right after passing the first area to your right. Kill the black eye arm monster.

Orphea Castle Interior

Gift of Mana
Top right of first room

Gold Wizard to the right

Mirror image
Go to top left area in final room break down the breakable stone and hit the switch then go to top right and break the middle chest

Costume Color
Top room, bottom left

Ailment Command
Beat Orphea Castle Interior
Every Man gets 3 rings in his entire life. 1st being the engagement ring, 2nd is the wedding ring. And finally..... he gets the
suffer-RING! ^.^

User Info: thereaper19

7 years ago#3
hey is there different missions u have to do befor the sephia twilight flame thing works as i did a trade off of doing sephia than galan 5 times in a row and the flame was always there???? just wondering if im doing something wrong

User Info: quizmelater

7 years ago#4

I'm having the same problem. I did Galen's Wasteland first, afterwards going back and doing Sephy's...and then trying Galen's once more.

Wall-o-Flame is still there blocking off access to the chest.

Anyone know the solution to this little pickle?
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User Info: ahh_boi

7 years ago#5
While playing as Sephy, there's a blue flame not on the main path that she can see but can't reach. You have to use rotate your camera to see it. Position yourself and use the unique action to put off that flame. Thats the flame blocking Galen.
Every Man gets 3 rings in his entire life. 1st being the engagement ring, 2nd is the wedding ring. And finally..... he gets the
suffer-RING! ^.^

User Info: SaintValiance

7 years ago#6
I have no idea how to get Endure Cold. I see no block to jump on in that area & I haven't any idea where'd I be jumping to.
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User Info: qamefaqs

7 years ago#7
So, I assume all of this info is in the other main weapon/ accessory guide topic that so many people have been helping with, right?

I put this game aside for the last week or so to play Crackdown 2 - and at this point, now that I'm done with that game, I'm looking to blast through this game as quickly as i can, trying to get everything there is to collect/ unlock along the way.

So I'm just wondering if I should wait a bit longer for that guide to actually show up in the FAQ section or - if this info/ the info from the other topic is good enough to use (at least for Galen, in this case - who I will play though with first) for all the unlockables/ collectibles?

User Info: Accel

7 years ago#8
Is there really a costume for Galen in Twilight Wastelands? I've demolished the blue flame walls that will go away and I've run over the stage at least 5 times now and have gotten everything possible excluding a costume. Am I just really missing something obvious?

User Info: SaintValiance

7 years ago#9
I can't figure out the Costumes for Colunei Canyon & Twilight Wastelands. I'm pretty sure I know where the Canyon one is(opposite side of where you get Max Blaze?), but haven't the slightest idea of how to get there. As for the Wastelands, & have no idea where this area is.
"This topic is full of space-racism from the future." - DarkJaydragon

User Info: Lord_Kay

7 years ago#10
Costumes for Colunei Canyon & Twilight Wastelands(black and gold).
1-Colunei Canyon (black) it the castle area like listed in the faqs above but u need to Zazi first to unlock the bridge if i recall correctly... i know for sure it in the castle area.
2- Twilight Wastelands(gold)1-thing Sephia need to put the blue fire out it around middle east area where there some curve.There spot where blue flame far from you but you cant get there you need to turn to put it off.2-Now Galen ,you need to get to the first seal to the right there a rock u can break (break it)after in the area there a summoning tower(only 1) around the tower there platform that you can jump it there in the chest.
If you pass the first seal(red chain wall) at the beginning your to far.
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