Levv Accessory/Weapon/Costume List

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User Info: ahh_boi

7 years ago#1
Fort Seratem

Impact chant
At the very start of the level, when you first encounter the purple orbs Levv uses to jump, you have to climb up on the wooden planks and cross them, then on the other side you can jump onto a ledge that has a chest on it with the accessory inside.

lightning slash
On the north west part of the map, a room where you have to use a purple orb to slash at a poison sack there is a gold soldier running around using lightning slash.

storm rage
in a chest on a ledge filled with boxes and a poison thing you have to kill to advance the story. You have to use a purple orb jump to get onto the ledge and smash the boxes

Crystal Cave

impact aura
After you have closed the floodgates you will find it in a chest in long open area that was once previously filled with water, it is in the western area of the map and it looks like a long horizontal rectangle. Red calvary enemies are running aorund the floor and you need a purple orb to get up into the chest

lightning bolt
Right before the falling rock segment there will be a gold wizard that spawns on the left in between six generators. Kill him to obtain

Fallen Blades (Weapon)
Daggers that enhance the ability to knock opponents unconscious.
Given for beating the level.

Colunei Cavern

Quick Draw
On the eastern part of the level, in a "ruined castle" type of area, you have to get to the second floor and using purple orb jumps, jump from a western ledge across some pillars to an eastern ledge which has a chest with the Quick Draw inside.

Force of doom
Middle right, top room, reached after activating switch just past the room with twenty summoning stones, beat the wizards once going up top and go to the right, defeat the gold monster

Every Man gets 3 rings in his entire life. 1st being the engagement ring, 2nd is the wedding ring. And finally..... he gets the
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User Info: ahh_boi

7 years ago#2
Fort Seratem Defense

Middle, on top to the left when jumping with the orbs at beginning area

Middle, far right, you'll be ambushed by enemies. On the far east part of the map, inside the fort, south of the north east defense point is a room with a few different floors, on the bottom floor is a chest with the accessory in it.

Ebony Razor (Weapon)
Middle, far left. On the stepping stones. On the far western part of the map, there is a dead end just below the north west defense point. You must jump across the pillars and smash the chest for the Weapon

Dive Attack
Completing the side objective of defending against the air born units because a golden bird spawns after that which has the ability.

Hand of Darkness(Weapon)
Daggers that possess the ability to increase attack ranges.
Obtained it at the end of the level in the results screen.

Enhanced Lightning (Got for completing)
Shocking Blast (Got for completing)

Costume Color
In same room as kennesses drops off the black flying eyeball douchebags whatever they're called
Head left and follow the path all the way around destroying the poison sacs as you go.You will come to a hallway with fliers, either destroy the sac or leap over the gates with your personal action.Keep heading forward until you see the final room to your left (Galen finished his mission up those steps). You want to go into the broken wall and drop down until you hit the floor section right before the bottom. If you miss it just jump back up. Defeat the floating creature to obtain the costume color.

Orphea Castle Interior

Enchanted blaze
gold enemy at the "rescue allied troops" point
Mana regeneration
very top right room with all the orbs, it shows it in the cutscene
Received for completing fight.

Costume color
very top right (after destroying all towers to get to lord of the night
Just before you head into the royal chamber go up the center steps and down the right side to a group of beholder type creatures. Kill all of them, one holds the costume color
Every Man gets 3 rings in his entire life. 1st being the engagement ring, 2nd is the wedding ring. And finally..... he gets the
suffer-RING! ^.^

User Info: TheBulletSponge

7 years ago#3
I think you are missing a costum color. If memory serves I found one on his first level

User Info: cdog5386

7 years ago#4

i found Levv's red costume on the first level as well. Just started to play as Levv, damn he is one bad dude. I love his agility and quickness. I just wish his hair was not so lame and his voice not so corny.

And I have seen questions on whether there is a speed-boosting accessory, there is, it is called haste. it increases the maximum value of attack speed.

Thanks for the list comrade.

User Info: TigervsDragon

7 years ago#5
There's also a skill that increases run speed called windwalk. Gotten on Maggni's last level.
"If history is to change, let it change. If the world is to be destroyed, so be it. If my fate is to die, I must simply laugh." -Magus

User Info: TrueDozenMarks

7 years ago#6
Then maybe that should be posted in the Maggni thread.

User Info: nick3173

7 years ago#7
He is not missing the red costume location in this thread he just put it on the wrong Fort Seratem Level, he has it under fort seratem defense instead of fort seratem, the first level.

User Info: ahh_boi

7 years ago#8
Oh Thanks. There's just too many of these accessories that its getting bit confusing.... O.o
Every Man gets 3 rings in his entire life. 1st being the engagement ring, 2nd is the wedding ring. And finally..... he gets the
suffer-RING! ^.^

User Info: TheDRE2k2

7 years ago#9
You also get Dimensional Freeze and Force by finishing the Crystal Cave level.

User Info: Lord_Kay

7 years ago#10
Red costume is in Levv stage1 Fort Seratem like already mention, it in south middle upper floor where there a broken column go in there kill monster (i think it a the bottom)kill it and u get it.
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