Trick to unlock all costume easily

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User Info: limesansg

8 years ago#1
This is a trick to unlock all the costumes easily without having to replay the quest over and over again.

1st play a map that unlocks the costume you want example Cai Wen Ji's any 3 quest map unlocks a costume, what you need to do is :

1. During the map when it is going to end, example Cai Wen Ji entering her destination ends the map.
2. Open the option button and save on save file A,
3. Complete the quest and you would get a random costume part.
5. Load save file A and you would be back to the map.
6. Quest ends and you would get another random part of a costume.
7. Repeat step 4 - 6 till your costume part is complete from head to toe. \(^0^)/

Remarks: You won't get the same costume parts again so max runs total is 10 to get all costumes for both male and female costumes. If you are lucky you might get 2 costume parts in a run.

Very useful trick as completing the game unlocks a costume part. Imagine completing the game 10 times to get a set of costume. :3
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User Info: Cheng

8 years ago#2
thansk too. very usefull
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User Info: DW_Re_Yi

8 years ago#3
nice thnks alot man.
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User Info: kirsty_belle

8 years ago#4
steeeekeeeee ^.^
i'l be sure to try it out when i buy the game
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User Info: Scianix-Black

8 years ago#5

lol, I don't know what any of this means, but I'll bookmark it for future reference.

User Info: Nolax

8 years ago#6
Sounds really handy, don't understand it much as i've not got the game yet but gonna bookmark it too.
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User Info: ZhangYide

8 years ago#7
Nice... to bad I have to wait another week to get the game.
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User Info: Lord Blade

Lord Blade
8 years ago#8
Can you clarify, just how you earn those costume bits?

Is it someone's specific mission only?
Do you get them after any mission?
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User Info: limesansg

8 years ago#9
When you are on world conquest mode, you can opt to do certain quest given by npcs.
Example escorting Cai Wen Ji, protecting peasants from bandits etc..
Some quests you complete will unlock a certain costume part upon completing the quest.

The trick is some sort of a save and load trick so you just save before the quest ends,then complete it to get a certain part, save it on another save file and just load back to complete it again and get another random part again. ^^

Total costumes you can unlocked till now is 14 costume sets not counting DLC and completing the game.
Megumi Hayashibara's songs rocks.^0^AHHHH Megumi-sama ^0^

User Info: nintendo_hunter

8 years ago#10
Thanks for this.This should be stickied
Feel free to add me accepting all:)
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