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User Info: journies_end

8 years ago#1
I'm sure the rest of you here are minigolf fans, I myself am no exception, so yeah I just bought and downloaded Fun Fun Minigolf.

The game has 27 holes (three 9 hole courses, a Beginner "traditionally" themed course, an Advanced Asian themed course, and an Expert European themed course). You can play with up to 4 players locally (no online, not even leaderboads) with 4 characters to choose from ("hip" caucasian male, "hip" caucasian female, "hip" hispanic girl, "hip" african-american male). The character don't have any voices but they do have individual animations for a good hole (par/birdie/eagle) and a bad hole (bogey/double bogey/triple bogey). There is a female announcer voice that will exclaim "par", "eagle", "bogey" etc, etc.

You control the game with the Wii remote "putter" style. You use the left-right arrow keys to adjust the angle of your shot, the up key to return to center and the down key to change the angle (behind your character, above your character, and beside your character, just those three shots, no zoom or camera positioning... behind your character is good enough 99% of the time). When you are ready to putt, you hold down the a button and swing (just like with Wii Sports golf, when putting... except MUCH more sensitive)... after your first 9 holes you will have a "feel" to how sensitive the controls are.

Graphics wise, the game is very nice looking, easily on par with Super Monkey Ball Wii (funny enough, the same can be said with the music, very peppy sounding techno rhythms akin to what you would hear in a Monkey Ball title). The courses are pretty basic, nothing EXTREME or over the top (hills, stumps, ramps, water hazards, basic minigolf fair, nothing "fantastical" or "extreeeeeeme"). Its simple and pretty fun. Worth 900 points? Yeah, pretty much.
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User Info: darknight06

8 years ago#2
The graphics don't surprise me, Shin'en always did great looking DS games. I'd expect no less on a more powerful system. With that said, it sounds good. I may get it and also recommend it for my sister too.

User Info: journies_end

8 years ago#3
Ok, I was finally able to get a gold medal (final score +0 or less) on all three courses... didn't unlock anything, but still was pretty enjoyable. If I can scrounge up some friends, I'm sure it'd be a treat (each 9 hole course lasted me roughly 15 mins to play through tops, for 4 people I'd estimate roughly 1 hour or less). Both the Beginner and Advanced courses I could get a gold medal in my first play through (you look at the layout and its like "aha, 'that' is what I need to do!"), but for the Expert course? Took me four tries ("wtf, how do I do this!? Do I am here... no... here... no... HERE... NO!? RRRGH!! What, there, oh okay... triple bogey :( "), those courses are TOUGH (lol, Expert hole #3 I was like "yeah... somebody needs to FAQ that one!"... it's tricky, but I don't wanna spoil it).

To anyone else who gets this, have fun!
"mendokusei naa..."

User Info: GameOz

8 years ago#4
I down loaded this today and it is a really good game. This is well worth the $9 and is much better than the other mini golf games out on the Wii.

The game looks really good and plays great. I found it very easy to get use to the controls as well. I played with three other players and found this to be a great multiplayer game.

After playing this game it makes me wonder how a game like Carnival Games Mini Golf can come out at $40 and not be as good as Fun! Fun! Minigolf. If you like Mini Golf, this is a great game.
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User Info: nashxyzz

8 years ago#5
I agree there it is worth the 900 points but I have one complaint. What bout us left handers out there? my wii remote swing forward backs the putter up and I have to swing the wii remote back to have it hit the ball.

User Info: Bass_X0

8 years ago#6
Its not that i dont think it can work but the risk is too great the pain is too much ~ kyra
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