where to find a dongle?

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User Info: kamikazeman41

7 years ago#1
i need a new dongle but cant seem to find one, any suggestions?
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User Info: SCCAN85

7 years ago#2
Hopefully you've received it by now, but get it from Activision. I think its guitarheroaccessories.com or something like that but that's where I got mine. Only $20 iirc, maybe less. good luck!
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User Info: Xylymphydyte

7 years ago#3
They've closed the store, you have to call up Activision's support and tell them you want to order a new dongle. They'll send you an email with a confirmation link and some other information, then you *have* to send them a check with the info for $15. Takes 3-6 weeks for delivery supposedly.

If you want it now you pretty well have to buy a new controller, though, if you check ebay you can find some great deals on the full bundle. Like 14 bucks for the game and controller with free shipping.
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