Trying to get the X4 bubbles is a nightmare

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  3. Trying to get the X4 bubbles is a nightmare

User Info: flintsilver7

6 years ago#1
The last bubbles I need are the x4 in Casa Del Higginbotham. I'm trying to get them by playing online. It usually goes like this:

1) Asking to join new game leader ______________.
2) ______________ refused to let you join.

or, rarely,

3) Your request to join ______________ timed out.

Great. People now avoid playing with others at all costs. If I actually get into a game (which is rare), it's usually two people. These can be gotten with four controllers if the person has any motor skills at all. For this, I usually ask if they have a second controller. This has yet to be met with an answer of "yes," but has instead so far been met with anything and everything else you can think of.

Once I actually got into a game with three people. Great, I thought - I can use my second controller and we'll get the bubbles. We got to that part and suddenly one of the people just decided they weren't going to help. They just stood there away from the platform saying "no" like a petulant 10-year-old.

Seriously, it is not that hard.
PSN: Flint7
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User Info: Balorn

6 years ago#2
I got them all solo.

I used a USB hub and 3 other controllers. In my case, a wired PS3 controller, a PS2 controller with a PS2-USB adapter (some of the buttons were swapped but it worked) and a Logitech joystick for flight sims (no right stick control but I could move, jump and grab/shoot). I've heard wired XBOX 360 controllers also work; the PS3 is remarkably tolerant when it comes to controllers.

Someone made a guide for it on LBPCentral:

Bang for the Buck took several tries, but the rest were fairly straightforward. A lot easier than doing the same in LBP1.

User Info: flintsilver7

6 years ago#3
I have a Blu-Ray remote, but that only gets me three. I would be happy to do this myself but without a fourth controller I can't do it. I don't have a 360 and I have no adapter for PS2 controllers.

That's just a pain.
PSN: Flint7
(Thought for the [day/week/month/year]: Was the Wii the worst $250 I've ever spent? I think so.)

User Info: _Ultimate_Sora_

6 years ago#4
ask people to join you here, thats what I did :D got thm in no time
MGO: <<Aira>>

User Info: SpacePirateKhan

6 years ago#5
Add SpacePirateKhan and look out for me sometime. I got 3 controllers and I'm capable of doing three parts in a puzzle. :3
"The best things in life must be taken by force!"
~Captain Khan

User Info: flintsilver7

6 years ago#6
SpacePirate, I sent a friend request but then decided I didn't need it. The next time I tried I got put into a game with three other players who were competent enough to help.

However, one earlier time I was kicked from a game for asking if the person had two controllers.
PSN: Flint7
(Thought for the [day/week/month/year]: Was the Wii the worst $250 I've ever spent? I think so.)
anyoneandeveryone 6 years ago#7
I think it's probably easier to find people on the board to help you rather than trying to recruit three random people online. Some players you randomly join don't even seem to see that there's a multiplayer marker there and just want to plow through.

If it weren't for the lag, playing online with four people is pretty fun. I might be in the minority on that opinion though, because I also found Boom Town with 4 players to be fun. Playing a four player game where everyone plays like they have a brain is very fun to watch. Everything just plays so smoothly until it all goes explodey for a minute, and then everything gets set back on course... Four players actively trying to get the highest score is awesome.
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  3. Trying to get the X4 bubbles is a nightmare

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