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User Info: JohnnySindacco

9 years ago#1
I like these games, but my biggest problem is that there are no mob syndicates of any kind, just street gangs and a corporation. What I would like is some mobs like the Italian Mafia and the Japanese Yakuza(yeah, we had the Ronin, but they were more of a street gang). You should also be able to choose what gang you work for when you create your character.

Let's post our ideas for some gangs we'd like to see.

Race: White, almost entirely comprised of Italian immigrants
Gang Colors: Black and Gray
Businesses: Gambling, Extortion, Protection, Robbery, Prostitution, Loan Sharking
Vehicles:Black Luxury Sedans
Weapons:Baseball Bats, Magnum Revolvers, M4's, AK's, MP5's, and combat shotguns.
Clothing Style: Higher ranking members wear dark suits and ties, lower ranking members wear gray track suits and silver chains. All of them wear sunglasses.
Musical Style: Classical and Jazz
Story: A traditional, well-dressed Italian Crime Family originating in Sicily, the Gambino Crime Family is the most potentially profitable gang in Saints Row, but if you join them, they start off small and you help build them up. They are big into Old World Honor and they detest street gangs and drugs. They are led by Don Carlo Gambino and preside in the upper class district.

Race: Asian, mostly Japanese and a few Koreans
Gang Colors: White and Black
Businesses: Drugs, Laundering, Protection, Extortion, Robbery, Human Trafficking, Prostitution
Vehicles: High-speed cars like Ferraris and Dodge Vipers, Rice-Burner Motorcycles
Weapons: Katanas, 9mm Pistols, Desert Eagles, Combat Shotguns, MP5's, AK-47's, M4's, Grenade Launchers, Sniper Rifles, Heavy Machine Guns
Clothing Style: A mixture between Goth and Oriental
Musical Style: J-Pop and Techno
Story: The main villians of the game, they are the only non-playable gang and are the main antagonist for one reason or another no matter who you chose to work for. Few dare to stand in their way. They are led by Hajime Tokugawa, a total scumbag who poisons the city with hard drugs and kidnaps innocent women and girls in Japan to sell into sex slavery in America. The Yakuza is the most dangerous gang and are the most powerful gang.

Race: Hispanic, with a few whites
Gang Colors: Blue and Green
Businesses: Light Drugs, Arms Smuggling, Counterfeiting, Extortion, Protection, Robbery, Piracy
Vehicles: Sports Cars, Dirt Bikes, Speedboats
Weapons: Knives, 9mm Pistols, Shotguns, Uzis, Hunting Rifles, AK-47's
Clothing Style: Fishing Hats, White Tank Tops with Hawaiian Shirts over them, Shorts and Jeans, Sandals, Sunglasses
Musical Style: Classic Rock and Classic Country
Story: The neutral gang of the the story, the Colombian Cartel is playable, but start off as the weakest gang. Unlike most Cartel syndicates, this Colombian Cartel does not deal in hard drugs like cocaine and narcotics, only weed and bootleg liquor. Protection is their biggest business, but they are willing to make alliances with both the Mafia and the street gangs to stop the Yakuza's human trafficking rackets. Their leader is Paco Valdez, a mild-mannered beach bum and entrepeneur of illict businesses.

User Info: BrolyLSSJ3

9 years ago#2
I'd like it if we were able to create our own gang in some way however if they just add new gangs in i wan't the gangs to look more like the modern gangs instead of something that seems like it would be in the "Warriors"
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User Info: vfx_fan

9 years ago#3

I think they should stick with fictitious (and far-fetched) gangs. They are more imaginative.

Wich reminds me, an idea just hit me -- why not have one gang that is made up of cannibals? And cannibalizing is their fighting style!

User Info: Jaybur84

8 years ago#4
How bout bring back the Mexican American style from the first one and call them "Uno Familia" or "Uno La Famillia" and have them be some really tough S.O.B's, and in the first mission they attack you and your like what just happened and Gat tells you they secretly moved in on your turf lets go then you follow him to one of there strongholds and it starts from there.
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User Info: alif74

8 years ago#5
man i wish this game would have like kids and animals, and there was like a gang full od like teens er sumthing idk. I think they should make a gang for each major ethnic groups even like ppl from the mideast. It'd be really hilarious if u could like make like al qaeda and other middle eastern gangs

User Info: Jaybur84

8 years ago#6
about kids and animals wouldnt you feel sad if you lost control of you vehicle and killed a bunch of those
"Better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!!!"

User Info: wardance2600

8 years ago#7
I dont know about kids but animals would not be so bad. In gta4 that was one thing you had to do was kill birds to get the 100%. It might add a bit more realism too if there were strays running around in the lower class neighborhoods. PLus u know that the designers of saints row would add a twist so you could put bombs on dogs or somthin crazy like that.

User Info: sr2king

8 years ago#8
ok for 1 this isnt scarface or the godfather if u want mobs and mafias this isnt ur game and two yes the gangs were very disapointing but not for that reason and johnny gat wasent the all out phsyco-path that i expected but the original gangs werent that great either but this is the game that i paid for because i was lookin for somthing different from your typiccal gta game and am satisfied and was worth the money i paid for it

User Info: JohnnySindacco

8 years ago#9


User Info: DocBlaze

8 years ago#10
Personally, I thought The Ronin was kind of like the Yakuza in a way.
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