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User Info: Bradvh97

8 years ago#1
In saints row 2 there were such a small choice of voices......they should really put alot more voices in like randy orton or some famous people or some random voices in......more voices and other customizible items and characteristics........

User Info: darion666

8 years ago#2
or record your voice
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User Info: Mitsukashira

8 years ago#3
Randy Orton? Of all of the famous people in the world, you pick Randy Orton? What the hell is wrong with you? Damn...

User Info: Bradvh97

8 years ago#4
first person to pop into my head for some about will smith or arnold schwarstigner......just a few off the top of my head

User Info: Impulse_187

8 years ago#5
They shoulda had some voice overs by rappers...and cooler charecters....Pierce is ok, I like Carlos, but I didnt like Shaundi or the asian dude or none of the original charecters besides Dex, but Dexs role in the story is screwed now.

List of people I would like to hear voiceovers: 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, DMX, Sticky Fingaz, N.O.R.E. Method Man, Redman, Jadakiss, etc.

User Info: Rockstar_Bob

8 years ago#6
or record your voice

Sweet idea...Too bad it'll never happen. -_-
"I should've been the one to fill your dark soul with LIIIIIIIIGHT!!"

User Info: Leon_S_Kennedy

8 years ago#7
Record your voice would work but It would most llikly spoil the game for you.

User Info: RaynMan206

8 years ago#8
Yeah celebrity voice overs would be cool! Im not sayin big-time celebs jus maybe C & D listers U kno? Mike Epps, Ja Rule jus like tha wanna be rapper/actors...

User Info: Captn_condo

8 years ago#9
I just want a deep Black voice. I wanted to put myself into SR2 but none of the voices sounded anything like me. I ended up making a guy that looked like Bill Bellamy with conrows. When I realized I made Bill I changed his face up and now he looks like Montell Jordan. *Starts Playing This Is How We Do It* I don't know why but I keep making black celebrities that haven't been seen since the 90s.
John 3:16

User Info: jaredp382

8 years ago#10
like i sadi in the other post i woulod love it if they had a lot more voices like jamaican and a chinese/ japanese american voice and a irish voice lol and a tool to make the voices deeper or squeky

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