I hope they fix all the bugs.

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  3. I hope they fix all the bugs.

User Info: Stoopid_Fool

6 years ago#1

I loved what I got to play of Saints Row 2 but the copy I had was so buggy I couldnt progress the story at all, it totally sucked. I hope Saints Row The Third doesn't have any bugs. They are fun games for sure.

User Info: Ogabugabuga

6 years ago#2
i second that,

but unfortunatly the way games are developed now a days, mostly to save money, their isn't a whole lot of need for bug checking,

sadly that's just how it is,

so if the company doesen't check for any errors, then you guessed it,

the game gets shipped with errors,

which a decade ago woulda been bad for the company, and good for the consumer, because the game would a been recalled, (if the game was a fast seller like some of todays games),

but now that they have patches to "crutch" on, they can just make a game, sell it,

and a few weeks later patch it, due to errors that coulda been fixed in the first place,

volition seems like a very good company, heck just look at the awesome-ness of SR2,

so i highly doubt the game will be filled with as much errors as some of the games i played, and owned more recently,

so lets just cross our fingers and hope that the game will be awesome and error free,

well for the most part anyways, :)

User Info: SuperSocrates

6 years ago#3
Sorry man, it's sucks that your copy was so buggy. I also hope they iron out all the bugs out of SR3; I'm getting rather tired of the patch approach instead of just releasing a completely working copy.
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User Info: Stoopid_Fool

6 years ago#4

I couldn't agree more, it totally sucks game company's can get away with releasing an unfinished game. I might try renting a copy of Saints Row 2 and hopefully it won't have bugs, from what I played of it, it was really fun.

User Info: DrunkBeardGuy

6 years ago#5
It's not that Volition released an unfinished game, it's more about how these problems can't be fixed.

Glitches and bugs happen, developers can't fix everything.

These problems are more common in open world games though, Fallout is a perfect example.

I just hope they can fix how your character goes in a stiff animation if you hit the wing of an airplane jumping out of it.
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User Info: macdre13

6 years ago#6
Wait what SR2 wasn't even that buggy at all not so much that it would mess with story progression what are you talking about?
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User Info: Stoopid_Fool

6 years ago#7

@macdre13 I think some discs of SR2 were buggy and others weren't, like my friend had a copy that worked fine and then I had a real buggy one.

User Info: Chas3Th3Dr3am

6 years ago#8
Funny, I didnt come across any glitches as I recall.
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User Info: vivalatour

6 years ago#9

Does someone know if you need a patch when you get DLC "Ultor Exposed"

for the old but good Saints Row 2 ? and if so , how do you load it into

the PS3 ? Thanks your friend Vivalatour

User Info: digUbetterdead

6 years ago#10
the only glitch i experienced had to do with saved outfits.

when i would go down my list of outfits, depending on how complex the outfit i had just previewed was, if i loaded up another complex outfit after it, it would freeze my game. i learned to work around it by rearranging the order the outfits were saved though, so it wasnt such a big deal.. but it was very inconvenient before i figured a way around it.
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