So is there really a problem with people downloading their characters!?

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  3. So is there really a problem with people downloading their characters!?

User Info: Gamenamebully

5 years ago#1
I just noticed a lot of complaints that the PS3 version of the game is having problems with people trying to download their character they made from the IS.

By the sounds of the complaints it seems that literally not one PS3 user can get on but I know my friend has Saints Row: The Third and he ended up downloading his character into the game perfectly.

Is this really a big problem out there? I mean have there been any PS3 users, besides my friend of course who managed to download their character into the game without problems?

Is there?

User Info: ItronTime

5 years ago#2
I'm having the same problem with the PC, and I've seen multiple people on the 360 boards say this as well. I absolutely cannot access the website in or out of the game (I can log in, in-game, but it says that I must to go to the website to access my character list).

It really stinks because not only can you not access yours or other people's characters, you can't even save the ones you make in-game.

User Info: hamfast

5 years ago#3
I was able to download my character when the game first came out and I must have been connected when they added stats to the site since it uploaded mine, but I haven't had any luck this entire week. I've been checking the Forums on the game site, but so far no info is available about what's going on.

User Info: CapsfanNick

5 years ago#4
Same thing guys... this really sucks! My stats are all WAYYY better than they're showing a well
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5 years ago#5
i just got this game. i have 10 characters uploaded and i can't download them on game. help please!
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User Info: striderhiryux

5 years ago#6
I'm going to have to jump on this band wagon also. When I first got the game I was able to download my chars but after a few days it's no longer working. Funny thing is, my friend can DL his chars but I can't. Are you guys still able to co-op online?

User Info: Bakunyu

5 years ago#7
It is indeed a widespread problem, I don't know if it affects all PS3 users but it sure affects a good amount. Posts were made repeatedly on forums but no official response yet.

There's a communication problem between PSN and the Community website in which user won't be able to download/upload characters, upload screenshots and their stats don'
t track properly on the website. Everything was working fine for a lot of people until patch 1.01 came out; Uninstalling the patch doesn't fix it, afaik there is no known fix at the moment, even unlinking and relinking your PSN account to your SR account doesn't do anything.

I tried to get on the phone with THQ Support over the week to no avail, 5 times I called all 5 I was on hold forever no one picked up.

I got creative and tracked THQ's customer support supervisor on Linkedin, phoned their head office and left a message on his extension lol, we'll see if this gets results (probably not but I'd say it's creative nonetheless).

Only thing to do now is wait for THQ to fix this, at least if they would release some sort of official statement that they are "working on it" or something, that would be a start :)

User Info: PrinceOfFallout

5 years ago#8
i tought i was the only one with this problem

i cant upload or download any character is annoying
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  3. So is there really a problem with people downloading their characters!?

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