saints row 4

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User Info: evoluman

5 years ago#1
is gonna be 100 times crazier then this. Man i cant wait

User Info: Autumn_Hayabusa

5 years ago#2
It's got ALOT of explaining to do! i'm looking at you gat.
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User Info: pineappleiris

5 years ago#3
I have to ask -- how good can a game possibly be if you're already looking for the sequel a month after its release? Just curious. I never do that with games I really enjoy.

User Info: Autumn_Hayabusa

5 years ago#4
everyones looking for SR4 because there were huge chunks of the story missing in SR3.
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User Info: MidianGTX

5 years ago#5
If anyone was looking for story in a Saints Row game they were already doing it wrong.
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User Info: pineappleiris

5 years ago#6
Huge chunks of story missing? No that's how Saints Row always is. It's a game about gangsters going to space. People being beaten with schlong shaped bats. Like that other user said if you went into this for the story... uh... what were you thinking?

User Info: Autumn_Hayabusa

5 years ago#7
yeah its crazy I get it! what I don't get is you remember gat from the very begining? all the way through SR1 and SR2? yeah well he's dead. why? no reason. oh except at the end in space he's alive again.. but just for that mission. WTF
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User Info: blueninja4444

5 years ago#8
You guys remember how after Mortal Kombat 1, 2 and 3, they released a game called Trilogy which had every stage, fighter, move, etc from the 3 games? I think SR4 should be like that!

They should bring back all 9 gangs (with new leaders), let you go from Steelport to Stillwater (with a plane, train, boat, etc), old weapons should be there (katana, machete), new weapons should be there (Predator laptop), walking styles and fighting styles should be back, in case I don't feel like doing pro-wrestling moves in a gang fight.

That's what I think.
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User Info: pineappleiris

5 years ago#9
Why are you guys so in love with that character? Gat was annoying. No better way to describe his character. WHO cares if his character is gone? Why are you guys so afraid of new characters? A new cast? To say the cast of Saints Row was getting stale is an understatement.

User Info: xkierx

5 years ago#10
personaly i dont think gat died

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