How do you get a sword?

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  3. How do you get a sword?

User Info: blueninja4444

5 years ago#1
I want the Deckers sword but they never drop it.
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User Info: MrBlockHead

5 years ago#2
Not sure when it became available but by the time i finished the main missions i had the decker's sword and a chainsaw available at the weapons shop. There is also a cheat code that will give it to you.

User Info: schlaufuchsMIKE

5 years ago#3
I think it becomes available after you take the decker's stronghold. Either that, or after the deckers.die mission (or whatever it's called specifically).
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User Info: weenog

5 years ago#4
Wreck the deckers and then buy it from a friendly fire shop.
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User Info: ZEXE

5 years ago#5
you can buy it after you do the deckers.die mission
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  3. How do you get a sword?

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