Help with fat ho assassination

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User Info: Radkiller22

5 years ago#1
I have tried for 2 hours now to find a fat ho in order to kill the pimp associated with the assassination missions but i have had no luck finding one. I have found close to 100 regular hos but not a single fat one. Does anyone have any tricks to finding them in Henry Mills district?

User Info: pmcnasty1

5 years ago#2

guide with pics
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User Info: Madgamer4ever

5 years ago#3
shes not exactly fat shes just trashy looking with a lil pudge. her midrift is showing
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User Info: yaboy

5 years ago#4
As a fat ho, I'm offended.
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User Info: squiggy9996999

5 years ago#5
you're offended that the fat ho's are not fat enough in SR3?

User Info: Cereborn

5 years ago#6
I took a regular ho hostage and got him to appear.
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User Info: zerosigmavirus

5 years ago#7
Sorry to bump this, but I've been having problems taking it the same as human shields or is it similar to the hostage diversion prompt you get with cars? Again sorry for my ignorance.

Edit-After reloading my save it worked
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User Info: squiggy9996999

5 years ago#8
for the "fat ho" mission i only had to grab one with the triangle button.
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  3. Help with fat ho assassination

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