Mr. Genki...?

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User Info: SiLenTWarrior29

5 years ago#1

How the hell do you find this dude...? I dont know if its been posted already but I heard you can find him on the streets and he puts up a good fight but Ive been searching everywhere and still cant find him? any clues

User Info: cminus

5 years ago#2
After about 50 hours I've seen him three times. He's totally random and has a 1 in 100 chance of spawning (according to Volition's community manager).

As far as I know, there's no way to trigger him. The best way to find him is probably just to drive around slowly for awhile (one of the times I saw him as I flew past and when I turned around he was gone), maybe in something like a Knoxville or Widowmaker. He'll pop eventually. He can take a ton of damage and sometimes (maybe always?) he'll have a rocket launcher. So always be prepared (and upgraded) or be ready to spend 5+ minutes sack tapping him and kicking him while he's on the ground.

If you ever see him, even mid-mission, I'd suggest stopping because he's pretty rare and drops a good amount of cash. Most people report he drops 300k, the one time I beat him I got 100k, and I've seen some say he'll drop as much as 900k.

User Info: alexnader

5 years ago#3
When you do finally meet Professor Genki you'll realise that it's a "she", not a "he".
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User Info: Mega_Skrull

5 years ago#4
Mine sounded like a he. Genki is probably a random npc with the disguise and crazy stats
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User Info: alexnader

5 years ago#5
makes sense.
BF3 rocks; MW3 is so bad; Skyrim soon !
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User Info: leetrevor81

5 years ago#6

I found genki and beat her up till she was laying then beat on her over and over and got no money. I read someone say she drops money? In that case maybe I didn't see it drop and missed it? Or should I have continued to beat her corpse till there was a notification telling me I did it?


User Info: CMattGray

5 years ago#7
I think Shaundi dated Dr. Genki. Look at the first crib you get (Shaundi's Ex's) and now compare it to the Genki scene when your game is loading. Very similiar.

User Info: cminus

5 years ago#8
alexnader posted...
When you do finally meet Professor Genki you'll realise that it's a "she", not a "he".

Really? Other than being pink I didn't notice anything that tipped Genki's gender one way or the other. I actually thought s/he was supposed to be androgynous.

User Info: Outer_Raven

5 years ago#9

I got lucky and he spawned right next to me after I finished an activity. But for some reason he was using a stun gun instead of a rocket launcher... weird. I got 100k after beating the crap out of him with my sword.

User Info: SpaycG

5 years ago#10
I was lucky as well and he spawned near the first crib. He had no weapon but would just run into me. Took forever to kill him/her but I got $300k.
It did take a long time for the $ notification to pop up.
Best part, I hadn't even completed the first Guardian Angel mission yet so pretty early game I assume.
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