DLC weapons?

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User Info: Strong_Zero

5 years ago#1
In the Gangstas in space, and trouble with clones, we were told we would get new weapons like a laser pistol, bee gun, and the ability to use saints flow...but at the end of the downloads, i learned that none of those are useable outside of the DLC missions...is there any way to get them for free roam..cuz this game is seeming to be less and less of what saints row pretty much was....over the top, dic-kery...and becoming pretty much over the top dic-kery, confined into dull missions. and at the end of TwC, it said i could replay the missions over...but it faded before i could read it fully...how do i redo them, they arent in my phone
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User Info: DrLobotomy

5 years ago#2
DLC mission pack weapons won't be available in free roam ever, the game was programmed by idiots who thought completely filling memory with every single weapon model variations at all time in free roam was a good idea.

As for replaying the GiS and TWC missions, complete them all, save then load that save and the first mission will be in your phone.


5 years ago#3
uhh actually they said that they had no room for the upgrades which means that if they just add the mission versions then it'll work
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User Info: Strong_Zero

5 years ago#4
how can they not have room....they apparently can waste data by making them available for missions, the weapons and abilities exist, so they zre taking space, all they need to do is allow free roam, and its good....its none of this"out of space" stuff...its "we're lazy, and youll buy this anyway"
Sorry if I seem like I don't care. I recently took an arrow to the meme. PSN-Paco5253

User Info: alexnader

5 years ago#5
It's because of this sort of ignoramus move on their part that a game that is already teetering on boring just completely falls into that denomination.

In a game that is supposed to be an open, do whatever, whenever, "sand -box" genre, how the hell can they justify limiting the use of in-game elements. It's unbelievable. Just give us what we paid for already !
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User Info: capricorncat

5 years ago#6
I said it from the beginning. Crappy game is crappy.

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