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User Info: yoyosup

8 years ago#1
I agree with one of the fellow posters on this fourm, StPatrick1065, that if you exit Stilwater, and take a boat, if you look off in the distance, there is land. I agree with StPatrick that the next Saints' Row should take place there.

1. Area-

- A much larger area, 2 or 3 cities together, and a variation of land, like maybe snow capped mountains, blue lakes, and lush green farmland. There should also be a lot of farmland, and small towns, which we can drive through. I would say an area about 3 times the size of Stilwater, with less water. That would be cool!

- Have 2 or 3 cities spread out between the farmland and the lakes. Have an airport in each one.

2. Combat Style-

- Combat should be more or less the same, check the weapons section later on for the weapons.

- We should be able to jump from car to car, plane to plane, helicopter to helicopter, similar to other games like Wheelman's airjack.

- More vehicular combat, like ramming people with the doors of your cars and all that.

- Ability to carry people, and place them in cars, beds, and other places

3. Damage-

- Vehicles should have more realistic damage, like in Grand Theft Auto 4. Scratches, cars crumpling up, etc. etc.

- More destructible objects

- Fire and smoke should stay longer.

4. Houses-

- There should be more houses to buy.

- More variety in customization

- Option to toggle gang members in houses

5. Weapons-

More weapons. Some ideas include-

Nail Gun- Nail people to walls, to cars, to other things, and they will remain there
Fire Axe- Hack at people
Harpoon Gun- Stab people with harpoons, or grapple onto cars
Pesticide Container- Go around spraying poison on people
Tranquillizer- Knock people out.
More pistols/SMG/Special/Thrown

And more

Please do not post, sections 6 and 7 in next post
My stats, awesome pics too =) Gamertag: Aki197

User Info: yoyosup

8 years ago#2
6. Customization-

- Vehicle customization ideas

Have a helipad to customize helicopters
Have an airport hangar to customize planes
Have a boathouse to customize boats

More vehicle customization like:

Doors- How do your doors open?
Height- How high or low is your car?
Underbody lights- Illuminate the ground
Nitrous and Hydraulics- Jump and boost
Armored windows- Close your windows with armored plates
Decal colors/placement- Where are your decals and how are they placed?
Custom decals- Make your own decals
Paintbucket/line- be able to draw on your car, and color places with a paintbucket tool along with a line tool.

and more.


Voice deepness
More accents:I would love an Indian Accent.
More muscularity
More skin colors/faces
more hairstyles
DEFINETLY more mustache stlyes
More fighting styles
more voices
More walking styles

Part 7 is coming up

User Info: yoyosup

8 years ago#3
7. Vehicles

Autopilot- Like cruise control on planes and helicopters
Interior- Enter the insides of busses and planes/trains etc. etc.
Gears- Helicopters and Planes should be able to retract their Landing gears
Shops- More vehicle shops selling all kinds of vehicles. Including cheaper ones.
Roof- A button on convertibles to close the roof.
This part is long, please bear with me

Some more vehicle ideas of mine are: (NOTE: When i say the name of another vehicle, i dont mean an exact copy, i mean it's resembling it.)

Boris 373 (Plane) The large Boeing 737 type plane you see parked at the airport
Bullet (Plane) A F22 Raptor jet with missiles and a machine gun.
Cropduster (Plane) A cropduster, with a deadly poison spray which hurts all below
Specter (Plane) a large B2 Spirit, slow, but drops bombs
Marauder (Plane) A huge, 4 propeller engined plane, resembling the C-130 Hercules
Commuter (Plane) A double engined small propeller plane, like the De Haviland Dash-8
Seagull (Plane/Boat) A seaplane variant of the Woodpecker
Cerberus(Plane) a huge, 4 jet engined plane, like the Marauder.
Boris 477 (Plane) A even larger Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet.
Kingfisher (Plane/Helicopter) A plane/helicopter hybrid, representing the V-22 Osprey.
Hammer (Plane/Helicopter) A Harrier jet with missiles and machineguns. Slower than bullet, but can hover.

Crane (Helicopter) A large skycrane helicopter
GoGo (Helicopter) A small 3 wheeled helicopter similar to the GyroDaddy
Vlad (Helicopter) A big helicopter with missiles and a chaingun. Resembling the Mi24 Hind
WhaleBlade (Helicopter) A GIGANTIC helicopter with 2 wings with rotors on them, resembling a Mi12 helicopter. (biggest helicopter ever)
Cherokee (Helicopter) A double bladed helicopter, resembling the Chinook.
Blackbird (Helicopter) A big helicopter resembling a Blackhawk. Armed and Unarmed versions.

IQ (Car) A micro car resembling the Smart Fortwo
Mass (Car) A tank with a cannon and machine guns.
Lorgetti 46(Car) A Lamborghini Murcielago LP460
Lorgetti 50 (Car) A Lamborghini Gallardo LP650
Ferrel (Car) Ferrari Enzo
Status (Car) A normal version of the Status Quo, non stretch. (Cadillac CTS)
Rotweiler (Car) Bulldog resembles a Hummer H1, so this represents a Hummer H2. There are armed versions.
Bubble (Car) VW Beetle
Bubble Classic (Car) The old school VW Beetle
Venom (Car) The new version of the Venom Classic, A Corvette C6
Astronomal (Car) Opel/Saturn Astra
Stallion (Car) Ford Mustang
Claudia (Car) Audi R8
Phaielier (Car) Renault Avantime.
Duck (Car/Boat) A large bus type vehicle which car go on land and water
WarDuck (Car/Boat) A military Duck with machine guns and rockets.

Holley (Boat/Car) A hovercraft
MiniPort (Boat) An Aircraft Carrier, with Bullets, Hammers and Marauders on it.
MiniPort (Boat) A civilian version with different planes on it, like Commuters and Woodpeckers
Jaune (Boat) A Small submarine
Dull Gull (Boat/Plane) A flying boat, resembling a Hercules Spruce Goose. HUGE.
Hydro Daddy (Boat/Helicopter) A floating variant to the Gyro Daddy
Fielder (Boat) A cruise ship
Drip (Boat/Car) A Mass, but it's Amphibious Goes faster on water than land.
Striker (Boat) An armed Hurricane with Machine guns and missiles
Stanker (Boat) A trash barge, with a crapcannon like the Septic Avenger.

That was long wasn't it? Well, there are going to be more than just this.

Thanks StPatrick1065 for the idea of the land in the distance. Please, i encourage you to put a suggestion on as well.

My stats, awesome pics too =) Gamertag: Aki197

User Info: StPatrick1065

8 years ago#4
I already did, sort of:

New Vehicles:
- Grizzly - A Bradley-type APC, equipped with a .50 machine gun and TOW missiles. The
National Guard uses these to set up roadblocks, and will use the machine guns (and the
TOWs if you're in an APC of your own).

New Weapons:
- Golf Club (Melee)
- Hockey Stick (Melee; was an improvised weapon, but should be an actual melee weapon)
- Big Two-handed Axe (Melee)
- Hammer (like a carpenter's, not a sledge) (Melee)
- Screwdriver (Melee)
- Kitchen Knife (Melee)
- Meat Cleaver (Melee)
- Hunting Knife (Melee)
- Snub-nosed .38 (Pistol)
- Hunting Shotgun; like the Tombstone, but cheaper and with a smaller clip (Shotgun)
- MP5 or UMP45 (Assault Rifle; though technically SMGs, I feel they would function in-game
more like assault rifles)
- Hunting Rifle (bolt-action rifle; slower rate of fire than the McManus)

User Info: sparkymafia

8 years ago#5
since the same people make red faction i would like to see that level of destruction in saints row 3

User Info: yoyosup

8 years ago#6
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: yoyosup

8 years ago#7
StPatrick, i just checked your idea, it's great!
My stats, awesome pics too =) Gamertag: Aki197

User Info: XxSpaWn_PoInT

8 years ago#8
*I may state some already listed*

F-22 Raptor < - sick
AC-130U <- gunship would own >:D
Any passenger airplanes like those in the airport in saints row 2 which can't be flown.

More gang customization. Choose the colors they wear, guns they use?

Many more weapons
Possibly including...

Paintball guns (would be cool)
M9 Beretta

Bigger city

More songs on radio stations, possibly bring back the talk show that was in Saints Row 1?

don't get mad! ___________

User Info: TheDonOfSaints

8 years ago#9

Yoyoysup, I think your ideas are great. You have gone into so much detail about everything. I normally do that about the gangs I want in Saints Row 3 like I'll put a background story for each one and which territories and stuff like that. I'd love to hear your idea's about which gangs should be in it so please write more. Thanks.

User Info: StPatrick1065

8 years ago#10
^Check my thread in post #4, I've got a couple.
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