Sanits Row 3 clothing and customization

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User Info: FCooper1989

7 years ago#1
I don't know about everyone else but I hated the majority of the clothes in Saints Row 2. I mean it was great that you could dress up as a pirate or a ninja, even a EDF trooper or other stuff but if it wasn't any of that, a good 80% of the clothes they gave you to customize your character sucked unless you decided to make a female character. Which was still bad because no matter what they're still wasn't enough good clothes for the female characters either.

I mean when I played Saints Row 1, I actually played the game so much I bought every piece of clothing in the game and almost everything looked good. Even the Unkut pack for SR1 was better than the Unkut Pack for SR2. The clothes did look a little better than what you got in the game but it was still lackluster compared to the clothing you could get in SR1.

Even the customization for the MC should have been alot better. Though the SR1 character couldn't have defined muscles like the bodybuilder shape on SR2 he still looked a little more buff when I put clothes on him. And I would have really appreciated being able to modify a female character more. Instead of giving me the same options for a body type than the male character why couldn't I have another version for a female character like instead of bodybuilder they gave me pornstar where she would have the body of someone like Denise Milani or something.

I'm just sayin that SR3 would be alot better if they put more options for customization in the clothing and body departments along with the cars and gang options then the game would be alot better.

User Info: FCooper1989

7 years ago#2
My only real ideas for SR3 include putting in all the clothes from SR1 and SR2 and adding in a s**tload of new clothes for both male and female characters. Also giving the body customization a large upgrade in the body department giving the option to completely control how the body would look for females (i.e. make breasts bigger or legs longer, e.t.c.) and how built or buff a male character would look.

User Info: Descendedakame

7 years ago#3
1989: Only on women? Sounds like you should get out more. Just sayin.
Anyway, its a great idea. And they sould NOT make it gender specific. Its Saints Row we are talking about, and If we cant make genderconfused fellers with anabolicbodies with silicon chesticles, then something is obviously wrong ^^

And they should really do something about the clothing. Hwo difficult could it be to add a ton of it? Being able to customise is the whole idea with Saints Row. Take it to its utmost extreme, I say.
And yes, a lot deeper create a char editor.
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User Info: supamac11

7 years ago#4

i think if the added more style and pattern options for all the clothe that would help, like if i wanted to role up my sleeves at any time there should be a menu for that. also some improved car handiling, driving in gta is so easy but saints row your cars handing like crap. the desiners of the game oviously dont understand the laws of phisics.oh and more hair styles

User Info: beestmode247

7 years ago#5
yeah i feel ya bro

User Info: Floymin

7 years ago#6
I thought the car handling in GTA 4 was TOO realistic. I ended up hitting cars when I didn't want to, and missed them when I did want to. The exaggerated physics in SR2 allow players to slam into cars whenever they want.

User Info: ero1152003

7 years ago#7

For label choicesonclothing, there should be shirts with a tribute picture of Aisha, Carlos, orLin. Or there can be apicture of all three characters on the shirt. The pictures canalso be a label for a hat too. I think it would be cool.

User Info: castlevania_CoD

7 years ago#8
yeah probably as a pre-order code though.
Honestly though, I thought the customization was great as long as you knew all the good combos for them. One thing i do want to see is a patter option like posted before. For example, If I take the ordinary white T-Shirt or Workshirt I want to be able to put plaid or stripes going up or down on it. Another cool thing would be if they allowed you to move around the designs they give you to put on the shirts. Like the radio station graphics on the shirt. Maybe I don't want them in the middle, maybe I want them a little lower on the side.

Who else thinks that would be a good idea?
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User Info: Revolver65

7 years ago#9
Also, have the Saints insignia as a logo for shirts. Brotherhood Of Stillwater has one, why cant the Saints?

Other things-
-A good looking, open leather jacket.
-Same with a hoodie, I want to see my shirt too.
-Have it be like multiplayer, able to change colors from your wardrobe.
-Be able to wear gloves with long sleeved shirts

With facial hair, hair and make up
-facial hair and makeup should be able be to done from your crib.
-bring back the barbers...I hate paying 500 bucks in game everytime I want my hair different.

-Neck tatoos

House customization-
-Whether you want the Saints hanging around, also the strippers (have really annoying yells)
-Maybe change the lighting
-Trophies around your place (like maybe Maero's minigun, Carlos' ashes)
-Be able to have beer stocked in fridge.
-Be able to see your char watching cutscenes and playing games on the tv, optional to the player. (sorry, but it really makes buying a new tv in the game pointless, either that or if you have the first, the scenes get blurry and fuzzy)
-Able to replay missions from TV (makes more sense)

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User Info: datwunkidD

7 years ago#10
Custom Fighting, walking, and taunts with Natal motion capping!
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