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User Info: OMegaNova150

6 years ago#1

i kinda dont understand what everyone's so sad about for the nudity part, i mean i like nude chicks just as much as the next guy but through my 21 years of life i've seen some things that'd gross a lot of people out and im just saying take this as a good reference "just because she looks absolutely stunningly beautiful doesn't mean what's under her clothes is exactly the same".OH and same goes for the male would you really like to see Mr. Worm jiggling 24/7.

yes it's just a game i know, but if anyone here who is old enough to know what i'm talking about then i think you can slightly understand the blurrs a little bit.

User Info: 2ndAtomisk

6 years ago#2
I personally never cared that there was no uncensored nudity.
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User Info: ElusiveOneX

6 years ago#3
I don't know why you thought your opinion on this was so important it needed another thread. Afraid people won't hear you 22 replies into a topic?
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User Info: Hiddenlegend12

6 years ago#4
Yeah, I don't know what the big deal is.
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User Info: SERiA_STAR

6 years ago#5
Some people aren't mature enough to understand that the censoring isn't so much about compliance as it is novelty. A -mature- person knows there's plenty other ways to get their nakkie jollies and thinks "oh, cheeky Volition with their mosaics! lol."
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User Info: Unicron6

6 years ago#6
If it has nudity or it doesn't - i don't care, it does not make or break the game for me, afterall i am playing the game for what it is not cause of nudity or lack thereof.
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User Info: UrbanMessiah

6 years ago#7
Don't really care if nudity is in or out, but I kind of wish they would have censored them better, like with black bars or "Parental Advisory" warning logos...or even better, Professor Genki heads! Yeah, I know it's probably too much work programing those instead of blurring...just wish it was handled differently is all.
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User Info: Nucl3arT1g3R

6 years ago#8
Where are you guys getting your info?And what kind of nudity would there be?

User Info: Relient_K

6 years ago#9
Nucl3arT1g3R posted...
Where are you guys getting your info?And what kind of nudity would there be?

Your character can streak, and random pedestrians can also streak. You can also flash people.

However, it is meant to be humorous, not sexual. The reason why a good portion of people are complaining is because they want to make a "attractive" female character and have her run around naked the whole game. They're upset that they won't be able to see anything.
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