[Possible SPOILERS] What does the takeover assist do exactly?

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  3. [Possible SPOILERS] What does the takeover assist do exactly?

User Info: tanthour

5 years ago#1
I know it takes over a hood, but do you still get achievements that are activity related?

I hate "Snatch" and I want to take over a hood with Snatch in it, but would I still get the achievement for it?
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User Info: InvalidMod

5 years ago#2
It auto completes anything that gets you territory in that zone giving you credit for it
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User Info: gamefreak666

5 years ago#3
It completes everything for you, activities, buying properties, buying stores, and the gang operations, I used it when there was a particularly annoying activity that I just couldn't get past, so I would say think about what activities you may have trouble with or what territories you'd have the most problems taking over. I think it should give you the achievement for it, as you still get the ones for 100% takeover of the district, even if you used the takeover assist. I normally do all the activities I can before I use that. I suppose if you're that worried about it, just do the activity and then use the takeover assist.
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User Info: Ripraptor

5 years ago#4
To clarify:

You get none of the cash for strictly completing an activity.
You get the cash per hour for any properties picked up/areas cleared.
You get none of the respect.
You get the respect modifiers for completing areas.
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  3. [Possible SPOILERS] What does the takeover assist do exactly?

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