Family settings?

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User Info: purevil88

5 years ago#1
So... I try to go to "camara" or community and i get something saying "check your family settings" But i have them set for any game type. Now what? :|

User Info: JGA1980

5 years ago#2
I think you have to set them to allow user generated content, or to upload personal information or something like that.

It's nothing to with actual game settings (i.e. the rating of games), but to do with content, uploading and personal information.

Kinnect brought with it a whole range of new family setting and whatnot, some of which you have to allow in order to upload content to external servers.

User Info: purevil88

5 years ago#3
Ohhh so you mean look under 'privacey' settings?

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