If a homie dies...

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User Info: Avey_Tare

5 years ago#1
Is he gone foever?
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User Info: Four Skulls

Four Skulls
5 years ago#2
Yes. A friend of mine joined my game after playing AC3 and blew Josh up with a grenade (oops it's been so long, I'm used to the other controls). Now, he's greyed out whenever I play. He can still call him up whenever he wants though.

User Info: Jiruru

5 years ago#3
Only if they die in multiplayer do they stay dead forever, and that's because of a glitch most likely. There's a way to fix it though. If they die in single player they will eventually come back, it takes like an hour of game time though.
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User Info: Four Skulls

Four Skulls
5 years ago#4
How do you fix it? I'm not sure mine is glitched since I haven't checked it since then (I'm sure I've played more than an hour though).

User Info: JKiii

5 years ago#5
The permanently greyed out homie, is actually a glitch from using homies in multiplayer its just best to never call homies in multiplayer.

Homies you kill take about 15-30 minutes to come back just like if you dismissed them

Supposedly the way to fix it is to join someone and have them call the homie that is glitched (it won't be glitched for them unless they already had it glitched before you joined) then save and quit, then play single player and wait the 15-30 minutes cooldown for it to recharge, this can also be used to unlock the other homies from the Burt/Swat and Zombie Homie choice
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User Info: WozzaBoi

5 years ago#6

I killed Oleg in single-player, its been around 2 (maybe 3) hours since I accidently killed him and he is still greyed out

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