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User Info: Skywarp99

5 years ago#1
I was just about to start my first playthrough of Saints 3, and I saw the Unlockable Pack on the marketplace. there's no point in me ever buying it? I want to unlock all the stuff in-game, or else what's the point of side-missions, etc other than earn rewards.

however, since I have never played Saints 3 yet, is there anything on the list
that is never obtainable in the main game, even if i do all the sidequests/missions?
Gamertag - DarthBane99
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User Info: DarthVashti

5 years ago#2
The ones from the Displayed unlocks seem to give you both of the unlocks where as in game you get a choice of one or the other but not both. The same goes for the list of silent unlocks, it's both not just one or the other.

I may buy this one.
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