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User Info: xninjagrrl

4 years ago#1
Im betting a bunch of people just picked this up recently at a sale price and would like people to coop with. Let's start a list.

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User Info: winterassassinX

4 years ago#2
I had this game for a bit ill do some co-op. Have all the dlcs

User Info: SanAndreas_Gurl

4 years ago#3
I'm honestly not sure which DLC I have and I don't like/use cheats. If you add me, just let me know you're from gamefaqs . thanks ^-^

PSN- DeLisa8910

User Info: Jobe316

4 years ago#4
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User Info: icemanx_88

4 years ago#5
I have Full Package and don't use cheats... maybe we can get some achievements that elude us or just get our BSU degrees. By BSU, I mean blow **** up.

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User Info: rttn

4 years ago#6
Just picked up the full package not long ago. I don't care about cheats either way. I leave it up to whoever hosts. Gt: rttnCRAFT.
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User Info: franktheman1

4 years ago#7
I am down for anything, I have a savefile used for cheats and a savefile without cheats, i do have internet problems tho so if i lag i'm sorry D:
also i have all the DLC so you will need the viewer packs to play with me i think
GT: Penguin Donut

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