Is this game similar to Jump?

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User Info: turkforever6

8 years ago#11
So is this game piracy protected as well? I'm thinking about importing this, but I want to check out if it's good or not.

User Info: A7thSteve

8 years ago#12
As well as what?

If you've played MLB Power Pros (or any power pro kun game) it's the same deal, but worse graphics (lots of jagged edges). The only major difference in gameplay is that you have a super bar that you can activate to do super fast pitches, special batting (changes from character to character), or quick fielding.

User Info: A7thSteve

8 years ago#13
Series list/ # of characters- (I used wikipedia for most of this and if a series had an english name I used that because I haven't heard of half of these hahah). I have all of the character's (that I've unlocked) names in english as well if anyone is interested in any of these series.

H2- 13
Osomatsu-kun- 8
Ore wa Captain- 14
Star of the Giants- 2
Cross Game- 13
Ghost Sweeper Mikami: The Great Paradise Battle!!- 3
Saikyou! Toritsu Aoizaka Koukou Yakyuubu- 13
Cromartie High School- 3
Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple- 2
Just Meet (baseball) 3
Shonan Junai Gumi (called GTO: the early years in US)- 2
New Stars of the Giants: Hanagata- 15
Ace of Diamond- 19
Touch- 16
Tensai Bakabon- 2
Dreams- 14
Negima!: Magister Negi Magi- 5
Hajime no Ippo- 4
Bats and Terry- 2
Hayate the Combat Butler- 4
Bucchigiri- 2
Detective Conan- 3
Meimon! The Third Baseball Club- 16
Major- 15
mou, shimasenkara.- 1
Ranma 1/2- 3

The female characters (and a few male) for the baseball manga are generally support characters. They will increase a player from their series' stats randomly (accuracy and effect varies from char to char). The female characters from the supplementary series can actually be used as players, and in the championship tournament you face an all-female team.

Also, after you finish a story in the story mode you can replay a single chapter to try and score a best clear on the chapters that you missed.

User Info: zerocool647

8 years ago#14
Haha, can't believe I didn't realise Hajime no Ippo... Well, I never really read the manga... Maybe I'll give the English game a quick try just to see what the words mean a bit... So how do you unlock story mode? Beating the tournament once or something? Well, winning a game is challenge for me already, haha.
Basketball is just like a cake. It can be great, or u can have it thrown at ur face.

User Info: A7thSteve

8 years ago#15
Yeah I just unlocked 2 of the Ippo characters yesterday. If you ever have some time read a volume or two of it, it's great whether or not you're into boxing.

So to unlock stories for the story mode you have to play main stadium first. You'll get that screen with all of the teams (it'll have stars under team data that means the team's overall offense and defense). Teams on the left are from Shonen Sunday and on the right are from Shonen Magazine. For the first couple games you'll play against the other teams for that magazine. The games will only be 3 innings long, but then after 3 you play a 6-inning game against the remaining team for that magazine. That's how you unlock each comic's story mode.

After that game you'll play a 6-inning game against the magazine's all-star team, which is comprised of the supplemental characters. Finally you play a full game against one of the opposing magazine's teams (which one is random, if you reset, the team you face will be different). If you haven't already, you will unlock that team's story as well.

User Info: zerocool647

8 years ago#16
Thanks A7thSteve... just need more time for practice if I wanna win a game haha. Any good gameplay tips?
The only boxing manga I really read from start t finish was Katsu really (Adachi fan here) but I'll prob give it a go when time is free
Basketball is just like a cake. It can be great, or u can have it thrown at ur face.

User Info: Devilman_Amon

8 years ago#17
You should try Hajime no Ippo The Fighting! For DS too

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User Info: A7thSteve

8 years ago#18
I don't know so much about baseball to begin with so the game is pretty hard for me too, but after a lot of practice I can do OK. The best tip I have is to get to know the players for your team so that you have a good batting order. Like if you get three guys on base because they are good hitters and the 4th batter sucks, you might want to bring in a pinch hitter.

Also remember that the outfield is a long way from the infield, so if you get a hit inside the field and it goes past the outfielders, you can get at least 2 bases. This also means that a runner on 2nd base can make it home.

For pitching, just try to mess up the opponent's hits (your pitches are all ranked from A-G, A being the best). If the batter is standing too close to the plate, throw a slider that goes from the strike-zone outward towards them. If they swing at it, the ball will hit the skinny part of the bat and go to the shortstop or 3rd, who can easily throw them and anyone running to 2nd out. (the situation is reversed if pitching to a left-handed batter).

For the tougher games, you might want to walk the opponent's strongest batters, because they WILL get homeruns if you throw them a straight (fast) ball or if they can connect with another pitch. Be afraid of anyone with a ton of skills. Skills are always shown at the bottom of the screen and can change depending on the situation.

User Info: zerocool647

8 years ago#19
Ahh, that cleared up a few things. My knowledge of baseball practically comes from reading the mangas in the game, and I completely utterly suck at this. I did get a run or two, but the other team completely killed me in all my games!
I even set my fielding to auto - which probably did more bad than good... But my fielding was kinda what killed me the most...
I might come back to the game later, but playing this game is building my stress more than lessen it at the mo
Basketball is just like a cake. It can be great, or u can have it thrown at ur face.

User Info: A7thSteve

8 years ago#20
Dang that sucks, my only fielding tip is set it to semi-auto and DON'T touch anything! At least not until one of your fielders has the ball, that is. A lot of times I'll be jamming A (to throw to 1st base) or doing something with the D-pad and it will cause the AI to miss an easy pop fly.

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