How to kill Belial

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User Info: Zembaphobia

8 years ago#1
he has ??? health so i didn't bother fighting
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User Info: crazylabtop

8 years ago#2
Get Null Fire and Bufudyne, then put it on a character and have them camp the boss.

If you have a skill that reduces Physical damage that's good too.
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User Info: chainsofMIZery

8 years ago#3
What I did was I put null phys and null fire on my MC, phys repel and fire repel on Atsuro, and waves on Evil wave on Midori's and Yuzu's team (sexist, I know). The guys attacked up close, the girls sniped from a distance and kept the other demons at bay.
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User Info: Shingouryu

8 years ago#4
The "???" doesn't mean he's invincible, it just means the game doesn't want to tell you the exact numerical value of his HP (all of the Bels are like this). If you have a physical based MC, deathbound and berserk are great, and if your MC is a magic nuke, just ice dance him to death. Null fire works wonders as well.
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User Info: infinitexx

8 years ago#5
Ice Dance and Null fire makes Belial a joke.
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User Info: UltimateWai

8 years ago#6
What I did was send Atsuro (w/ Null Fire) to kill a Rangda and crack Repel Phys from her, then I placed him in front of Belial and just spammed Deathbound until Belial was dead. Belial's only attacks are Maragidyne and Mighty Hit. Null Fire blocks Maragidyne, and Repel Phys bounces back Mighty Hit back to Belial (Null won't work because Belial has Pierce).

The MC and Midori cracked some stuff and kept the reinforcements at bay, while Yuzu (who had Brigid) went ahead, killed a pair of Rangdas and made sure Belial's Flames of Sodom did not kill Haru.

PROTIP: If your MC is physical (which means you are doing it wrong) you can use him instead of Atsuro. Why? Because Repel Phys (and Null Fire, to an extent), require a decent amount of St to be equipped, something Yuzu, Midori and a mage MC won't have.

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User Info: undergrounder33

8 years ago#7
Give the mc repel phys, null fire and leader soul. You literally cannot lose with that set up because he will take the death blow for allies and turn it against belial. your only enemy left if the time limit you have until haru dies
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User Info: FinalWisdom

8 years ago#8
Ice Jump + Ice Dance + Null/Anti-Fire + magic nuke MC works wonders.
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User Info: Max42

8 years ago#9

i killed all the other demons but was running low on mp and hp so i got all but the mc on stage and got beliel to run after me and ran him in circles till i could bloodwine heal up all my charaters back to full then i used a long range attack to hit him repeatedly with ice attacks until he died aperaly he can't heal if he doesn't get a move at all

User Info: Kayenno

8 years ago#10
i have to kill him in one hit or he destroys my team with flames of solomn which kills every1 else. I get him to extremely low health but then i end my turn and he does the thing in his next turn. Berserker has 31 attk and does aggravate and power strike and MC has 28 magic and uses ice dance while equipping Ice rise and jump and null flames. It does 190 three times. Berserker does like 300 and sometimes an extra 200 and the last dude does 687 damage and we do things all over again for extra turn except that the aggravate wears off. All my other dudes don't do enough damage for it to stay after his heal. the third dude has phys. jump and 33 attk. I can't get double up cuz all the characters are too weak and either die or do no damage. What do you think?
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