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User Info: Fire_Emblem_64

6 years ago#1

Arright, so I'm trying to beat lucifer on my second play-through on Amane's path. My MC is on lv 75 with 26st, 28ma, 16vi, and 21ag. I got 2 demons around lv 70 and Amane and Midolly almost there. I didn't recruit Black Frost and don't have a level 70 King Frost. Any advice? Thankx.

User Info: Mechafanboy

6 years ago#2
Tyrant lock + recarm trick is probably your best bet.> Tyrant Lock -> Recarm

Although i'm not sure if level 80 is enough for surviving the Megidoladynes though which you'll face a minimum of 2 due to form changes(and it gets progressively stronger. Make sure to keep tyrant locking him or else he WILL annihilate your teams over time.)

Never bothered with Lucy myself since grinding up to even level 80 bored me to tears >.>; so I hope that kinda helps. Running a quick search on Lucifer brings up a half dozen threads with various topics explaining the same basic strategy if you feel the need for more research. -> Visual novel goodness
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User Info: Fire_Emblem_64

6 years ago#3

game faqs FTW

User Info: Cheese4now

6 years ago#4
wow, your mc stats are absolutely horrible. You should have your main offensive stat (strength or magic, prefereably magic) maxed out at 40. The rest should be raised to meet the prereqs for the moveset you want to use, and once those are met just dump the rest of the points in either vi for the hit points, or ag for the speed boost, although even late in the game a low ag really wont make much difference.
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User Info: Fire_Emblem_64

6 years ago#5

I know my MC stats are horrible. I don't like making my characters stats' too good. For whatever reason I always like the chacters with the absolute WORST stats. I leveled him to the high eighties and now he has really high magic. Like 34. My Amane maxed her magic out, and now I'm trying to lvl up frou-frou, even though I'm overdoing it on her and my MC's nuclear magic. I've now got a loki at about level 70 with ridiculously high stats. To top it all off, my King Frost wont even level up, even with chaos and evil waves.

User Info: Mechafanboy

6 years ago#6
Uh, you may want to revise that team then, because Lucy is incredibly cheap. Megidoladyne?(whatever it's called.) actually increases in strength every time it's used.
Eventually it becomes strong enough to one shot your whole team(inclusive of 40 mag characters.) even at level 99 relatively quickly. -> Visual novel goodness
Maaya Sakamoto and Younha are amazing~ <3 <3

User Info: Paromin

6 years ago#7
There are other Tyrants you know.

Loki and Astaroth are more enough to delay Lucy's turn so properly setup teams can take him down before Megidoladyne gets too powerful.
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User Info: terran3999999

6 years ago#8
Wait, let me see if I understood that correctly.

You like having CRAPPY stats for your characters? And with that laughable stat distribution you also want to take down the super optional boss, a SMT one at that? With a very low ass level Tyrant for some unknown effed up reason?

I call this a troll topic or at least a noob who doesn't know what he's doing or is aware of what he's getting into.
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User Info: AquiIae

6 years ago#9
You need to be at level 90+ to do good damage to Lucifer. Level 99 is preferable, since you deal more damage the higher your level goes. You also take less damage from Lucifer at a higher level.

The Recarm strat is the easiest way to beat Lucy, but it's incredibly cheap. Tyrant Lock is less cheap, but harder to pull off and requires more grinding. You only have to train up two teams for the Recarm strat, but you have to train up four for the Tyrant Lock.

There aren't any other viable strats as far as I know, Megidoladyne absolutely slaughters you if you're going in normally.
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User Info: Fire_Emblem_64

6 years ago#10

My demons are way under-leveled, but I'm using mitamas and fusion to make them ferocious. I gave my Loki magic and vitality like hell. My Jack frost won't get up to the high thirties. X_X I know that you can only get so many extra stats, so I'm abusing the fuse thing to make sure good stats go up. Seriously, fusion is the best. Kudlak and Kresnik from playthrough no 1 became a gerudo with 30+ strength, ares aid and drain hit. Honestly, this playthrough is pretty WTF. I watched Mari and Whats-his-face get killed and broke Honda's comp. I helped Frosty the Black Frost defend demons. My Atsuro is like, level sixty.

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