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User Info: MogilnyIsGod

6 years ago#1

I've had the game for about 2 years now, and when I first got it I downloaded the Abbey Road and Sgt. Pepper complete albums as well as the single songs (or was it just one?) but I didn't buy the complete Rubber Soul. However I did download most of the tracks, save for 3-4 of them. I should have just downloaded the whole thing, and I forget why I didn't.

Anyway, after all this time I decided I was going to go purchase those last few tracks, but the music store won't load. I tried it a few days ago, then yesterday, and one last time today. So I decided to go to the official website to see if I can purchase the songs there, or see what's going on, and it's gone. I just get that message "Oops! Could not find". So have they just pulled all support, or is the site/server down or something?

User Info: jay025

6 years ago#2
I was able to go to and there marketplace to dl songs. Invite when get some if able to. GT: TCB77TLC let me know who you are when send thanks
R.I.P "King Of Pop" "Michael Jackson (1958-2009)
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