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User Info: RazorBlankGiga

9 years ago#1
Or do these screenshots look like they're for a game that came out like in 02-03, but with dynamic lighting like new games. I mean it looks like a modified version of Quake 3. I mean honestly I've seen rts's with better graphics. o.o

User Info: Bigg_Boi

9 years ago#2
The game has a great concept and visual style. The only problem is that it looks around as good as Ironstorm which came out around 2002.

User Info: Robertoey

9 years ago#3
Is this game a retail version of the fan developed mod Iron Grip from Half-Life 2?

User Info: RazorBlankGiga

9 years ago#4
I'll be honest I've never played HL2, but this game runs on the Open GL engine, so I highly doubt it. Go ahead, and try the demo see if you like it.

User Info: eynetane

9 years ago#5

Yea the graphics is a tas on the old side (wouldn't say 2002 - more like 2004-5) - but anyway it's not like it's really nerfing the experience etc... unless you can't settle for less than Bioshock.

But for half the money - I'd even dare saying the game is priced low. It's really fun and addictive, especially if you get to play it with someone else online. Nailed good the RTS/FPS combination IMHO.

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