Ok WTF, bought retail and I cant install right now?????

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  3. Ok WTF, bought retail and I cant install right now?????

User Info: Shadow_Saint

7 years ago#1
Ok so the retail box says nowhere that this requires steam, thats a lawsuit right there, I have the disk in right now and the steam servers are too busy for me to dl the game????? Why cant it just install from the freaking disk wtf is this crap???
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User Info: iammaxhailme

7 years ago#2

User Info: RiseAgainst12

7 years ago#3

This baffles me also.. why buy a disc if you have to download it from steam anyway? I had this with Empire total war when i got it and the orange box.

User Info: theknight1980

7 years ago#4
This is why I dislike Steam. I think the concept is fantastic. It is a great online system, However I hate and I mean hate that it is required to run the game. I was very sad that SupCom2 requires this. I was really looking forward to it.
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User Info: illuminatirexx

7 years ago#5
lol eazy workaround unplug ur net connection, install steam, work it offline, install game....usually it works if you do it right ;)

User Info: nehukog

7 years ago#6
Dude! I have the same damn problem!! I think I finallyt got it to install, from disc, but now it wants to downlaod the damn game from online too!! WTF!!! And it still won't let me play cause it wants to downlaod a 5 hour DL!!
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User Info: wilebill

7 years ago#7
http://member.square-enix.com/na/forums/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=568 is a thread on official forum about this. Maybe it will help.

Just me, if a game needs Steam to run, too much like trouble, too much like work.

User Info: Kuga_Maru

7 years ago#8
HA HA HA HA. Ahhh, I feel your pain. I bought dawn of war II, apparently just to experience an exercise in futility. Rented dynasty warriors and got my kill count to 9999 to ease my rage. I will shoot myself in the kneecaps before I pay retail for this crap again. Steam! you are RUINING video games for us!

User Info: nexyusdraconix

7 years ago#9
it seems that (unless i missed something) the game isnt totally on the disc. When I installed from disc it installed 2.3gig of what is supposed to be a 4.4gig install. It then proceded to download for a hour or so, approx another 2 gig.
Havent even been able to get the game working let alone to see whether it will work in steams offline mode.

Had I known that this game required Steam to run at all, I never would have spent my money. This is why I hate digital distribution, youre totally at the distributors mercy whether you own the product or not.

User Info: stogie01

7 years ago#10
So thats another company thats pulled a infinity ward thank god DICE hasn't sunk this low (yet)
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  3. Ok WTF, bought retail and I cant install right now?????

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