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User Info: Anti-Skub

7 years ago#1

that this game has an abnormaly large number of minor annoyances. Like the game as a whole isn't too bad but there just doesn't seem to be a single aspect of it that isn't just ever so slightly wrong.

The driving is fine but it's just a bit inorganic, the cars feel a little too much like trains. The combat is decent enough but there are little flaws in it like apparently being able to shoot through cover (just an animation glitch but still kinda poor). The graphics are decent enough but there are loads of little immersion breaking irritants, like jittery shadows, wonky pop up on distant terrain and robotic animations.

The actual design of the game is the same way, like the black and white thing is a nice idea but it's done with such a lack of conviction. It's black and white, except for that girls red coat, a subtle reminder of the atrocitys commited...wait thats too subtle, make it all the red....and the yellow as well...and fire...and gunshots.

There are little oddities in the story telling as well that make it hard to swallow, like the 70s James Bond idea of having an antagonist who competes with the protagonist in more than just a direct conflict. I mean I'm refering to the racing here but I'd put money on there being some kind of gambling scene later on, most likely involving poker and cigars. Also, in the prologue when you are escaping the village and stop to rescue your friends, why are there several gestapo just hanging around inside the building they are burning down?

It's a shame really, it makes what could be a great game slide into mediocrity.

User Info: TySiKurva

7 years ago#2
I hate driving in this game. the most retardet thing is when you hit bush, like 1 meter tall, and your car will stop/crash into it. 1 inch of wood can stop 1,7 ton car driving in 100km/h.
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