The Saboteur PC Patch Update #2 and ETA

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User Info: Sledge70

7 years ago#1

We have been working tirelessly to address the current reported PC issues for The Saboteur over the last few weeks & I am happy to announce that we will be releasing a BETA patch* this coming Friday to address ATI and Nvidia graphics card compatibility issues. The initial testing of the BETA Patch has rendered promising results.. For those who do not want to wait for the final graphics card patch to release, we want to give you the opportunity to be part of the testing process and therefore the chance to have some issues you may be experiencing resolved sooner rather than later.

The BETA patch was designed to address some of the key issues with ATI & Nvidia graphics cards and resulting freezing issues. We are aware of and committed to providing extended support for other PC issues being reported & want to ask you, the community, to help keep those reports coming in.

I will be opening a new thread on Friday that will play host for anyone with direct feedback on the released BETA patch & I would like to request everyone reporting issues follow the below guidelines. By following these steps we will be able to better determine what is going on & reproduce the errors you might be encountering here at the studio & hopefully address them in updated patches.

Summary: A brief description of the problem you have encountered.
(Example: Screen Freezing or Game Crashing to Desktop etc…)

Problem Description:
The defect explained in more detail.
(Example: What were you doing, where are you at in the game, what actions you were doing when the error occurred)

Reproduction Method: How to reproduce the bug through a series of concise and complete steps.
(Example: 1.) If you go to this point in the game 2.) Do this action 3.)Than you run over to this point 4.)Than the error will happen.)

Hardware Configuration:
CPU: (Intel or AMD) & CPU name
GPU: ATI or Nvidia & the series & driver being used
Memory: How much is your system reporting
Hard Drive: How big is the drive the game is installed on & how much space is left?
OS: What version of Windows are you running?

CPU: Intel Core i7 920 2.66GHz
GPU: Nvidia 9800GTX – Driver 192.56
Memory: 4GB Memory
Hard Drive: 500GB HD with 256GB of Free Space
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit)

Reproduction Rate: Did it happen just once, some of the time or all of the time?
(Example: This issue happens every other time when doing the above reported steps)

Comments: Any extra information that you want to add that didn't fit into the above spaces.

*Download and use of the Beta Patch requires acceptance of an End User License Agreement.

User Info: Anti-Skub

7 years ago#2

I'd still like to know where you work if EA closed Pandemic? Didn't everyone get made redundant in that big restructure EA just did?

User Info: hellsoulbr

7 years ago#3
Anti-Skub, it seems that Sledge70 is also known as Sledgehammer70 at EA's forum for The Saboteur.. He's listed as "Community Manager"/Moderator for The Saboteur's forum...
Either way, this same information was posted at "The Sabouteur News" section at EA's forum.

Sledge70, thanks for the update and efforts from you guys!

User Info: lugpoints

7 years ago#4
pandemic as a studio might be gone but i'm sure there are some stragglers that ea keeps around to fix bugs.

User Info: igorcepro

7 years ago#5

Hello everyone!

My machine spec. is: AMD 7750+(dual core) clocked at 3.1GHz, 4GB(2x2GB) KHX Black Edition 1066MHz CL5, GA 9600HP 1GB, Audigy 4. I can play this game quite normal at resolution 1280x1024@85Hz and everything on max under Windows XP SP2, but sometimes it happend that freezing. For example, I've just finished one mission, and when I finished and return to the same character they didn't talk. First time this problem, and at higher resolution like 1600x1200 and everything at max, but beside that everything works great.

But, at 2 of my friends, who got quad cpu's AMD and Intel, and ATI 4850 graphic cards, they simply can not play it, because it's stuck very quickly.

I have found fix for ATI cards, and I will put it here for everybody who have the same problem.

Fix #1

1- open game from saboteur.exe
2- Alt+Ctrl+delete Go to ur task manager under the processes Tab find Saboteur.exe
3-Right Click on it and select set priority and change it to Real Time
4- Right Click again on saboteur.exe and choose Set affinity and mark CPU1 only ... For quad core Mark cpu3 only
5- go back to game should be fixed .
Fix #2

1- go to my document>Mygames>The Saboteur > Save game > Congif.txt
2- find the refresh rate and make it 60
3- find vysinc and change it to 0
4-write this line under the vysinc line "" Windowed 1 "" without the quotes
5- File>Save ... File>Exit
6- Run Game it should work
Fix #3

Attention This Fix will slow ur pc cause u will disable one of ur processor core

(For Windows 7)

1.) Open MSCONFIG (You can open it by entering MSCONFIG in the search bar)
2.) Select the %u201CBoot%u201D tab
3.) Click on %u201CAdvanced Options%u201D
4.) Check %u201CNumber of Processors%u201D
5.) Select %u201C1%u201D from dropdown menu
6.) Click %u201CApply%u201D
7.) Restart machine

(For Windows Vista)

1.) Open MSCONFIG %u2013 Start> Run > Type MSCONFIG
2.) Select the %u201CBOOT.INI%u201D tab
3.) Click on %u201CAdvanced Options%u2026%u201D
4.) Select the check box for /NUMPROC= set it to 1 & click %u201COK%u201D
5.) Click %u201CApply%u201D
6.) Restart machine

I hope this will help to a lot of gamers, because this game is something that never before have been made, I mean amazing video game.



User Info: Sledge70

7 years ago#6

Pandemic Studios in Westwood was closed & staff was let go. Remaining staff from the Saboteur & Mercs Inc have been moved over to EALA to continue support for The Saboteur & to develope Pandemic IPs & Brands.

User Info: ambar_hitman

7 years ago#7
Finally some good news, time for me to install the game again. I don't care for AA, AF etc. I just want the game to run. Has the memory leak been removed@ Sledge?
Unfortunately, killing is one of those things in the world which get easier the more you do it.

User Info: EndofEternityxx

7 years ago#8
Has the memory leak been removed@ Sledge

There's a memory leak?
[This message was deleted at the request of an incompetent jackass]

User Info: Kurisu_bm

7 years ago#9
Nice that there's patch coming, but... why did you release so terribly unfinished game in the first place? Say hi to beta testing.

User Info: olgert56

7 years ago#10
I am curious. Does the patch address the freezing issue when you receive a message? I managed to run it with one core, but now when I get a message and have to press escape to read it, the game freezes. Is this caused by the same problem? I can't play the game anymore, not even on one core.
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