Climbing help on the Mausoleum

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User Info: Darkjediben

7 years ago#1
I finished the mission at the Mausoleum and I am trying to go back and complete all the grey squares on the map in that area. There is one dot on top of the mausoleum itself, the big building that the crate was in, and from the ground i can see one of those telescopes denoting a lookout point. The problem is that I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get to the top of it. There are no crypts nearby, there are no climbing points, no nothing. I even tried driving a car up there, no dice. Has anyone completed this climbing spot and can they give me detailed advice on how to get to the top? Thanks.

User Info: Ryze82

7 years ago#2
Yeah I know exactly what you mean... I had the same problem. And to be frank that one is retarded... You have to use invisible, yes INVISIBLE ledges just to the right of the left wall... the narrow wall that is...

I found out by this pic
What is this.... "Signature"?
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  3. Climbing help on the Mausoleum

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