Wait... I'm a guy...

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User Info: musicman88

8 years ago#1
Does that mean I have to turn gay if I get this game?
To avoid innuendo the Wii should be called the Perfect Nintendo Entertainment System, or PNES for short.

User Info: AdvancEX3

8 years ago#2
Looks like it fellow man. Fight the power.

User Info: MuteProtagonist

8 years ago#3
You could always get a sex change.....or maybe become a trap/crossdresser. <_<;
"Welcome to Internet 101: if your opinion is stupid, it's null and void." Keith_da_Hybrid

User Info: uhhsam2

8 years ago#4
countless girls enjoy playing super mario where you rescue a princess in the hopes of getting a kiss and they are not all lesbians. there's no reason to believe you have to turn gay to enjoy this game. this has the potential to be even better than mario, because mario only teaches you how to jump on turtles and red blob creatures. this game might give you some insight into the mind of the human female.
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  3. Wait... I'm a guy...

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