Die, Monster, you don't BELONG in this world!

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User Info: Mirror_Aura

8 years ago#1
This is now the official board of Richter Belmont.

Do not dare challenge this fact.

User Info: Wage_Slave

8 years ago#2
Mankind ill needs a game such as this.
"Three days later, they dug me out. I never saw Arthur again, but I'll bet wherever he's gone, he's having a damn good time."

User Info: GigasMoose

8 years ago#3
What is a game?!

-Throws wine glass-

A miserable little pile of profit! But enough talk, have at you!
GENERATION 24: The first time you see this, copy it into your sig on any forum and add 1 to the generation. Social experiment.

User Info: Feomathar

8 years ago#4
Perhaps the same could be said of all boyfriends...?
Jailer better watch his pride, or off my wrists these shackles slide
Hear my restless forty-five, sun don't you rise no more

User Info: BahamutZero92

8 years ago#5
It was not by my hand that I am once again given flesh. I was called here by little girls who wished to pay me tribute.
Platinum FC: 3910 3557 8651 Name: Z92

User Info: Freyon

8 years ago#6
Tribute? *points finger* you steal boys and make them your boyfriends!

User Info: Kayube

8 years ago#7
What's this? Another child? Hahaha... one more for my score!
Animal Crossing: CF- 1590-8597-1715
Tendo in Eureka

User Info: drayfa

8 years ago#8
have at you

User Info: redxorange

8 years ago#9
Behold my true boyfriend and DESPAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You better watch who your calling a child Lois. Cause if I'm a child then your a pedofile and I'll be damned if I'm gonna sit here and be lectured by a pervert.

User Info: Lemp35

8 years ago#10
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